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(photo from Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race)

If The Great Food Truck Race was a dinner, our staff here at would have just cleared the appetizer course. The premiere episode of the reality show satisfied a vacant niche on our palates and left us eager for more.

There is drama. Lots of it. Unabashedly. In every crevice possible. There’s dramatic music. There are chefs swearing at themselves, other trucks and staff. Then there’s host Tyler Florence, whose hair is so dramatically perfect it makes me uncomfortable.

But I digress.

Episode 1, set on the streets of Las Vegas, taught us many, many things.

  • Cleveland-based Chef Chris Hodgson lived to cook another day, finishing third in a field of eight. He raised nearly $3,000 in his Hodge Podge Truck.
  • Sky’s Gourmet Tacos of Los Angeles was sent home. This truck caught a bad break – a flat tire on the trek from Malibu to Vegas, which ultimately set the three-person team behind in the sales department.
  • A high point for homeboy Chef Chris was rolling up outside of a church service at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ Mack Center. When church-goers continued to pass by Hodge Podge he exited the truck and garnered attention — and sales — by shouting to the masses and making meal deals.

This week the group heads to Salt Lake City. No idea what’s about to happen, but here’s what I’d like to see:

  • The guys from Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and The Lime Truck come to blows over something silly — like who gets to buy the last 12 pounds of feta cheese or who has the coolest head gear (those lime-colored headbands are groovin’.)
  • More teaser footage of Chris Hodgson with a whole hog slung over his shoulders running down the street — which would only be enhanced by the ladies from Seabirds chasing after him screaming, “Nooooo!”

Now THAT would be good TV, just sayin’!

Tune in to The Great Food Truck Race Sunday evening on Food Network.

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