Cayman Cookout Beach Bash

What Do You Serve at A Beach Bash?

The Culinary Center’s Chef Ashley Breneman and Chef Tony Biggs served Certified Angus Beef ® sushi at the Cayman Cookout Beach Bash. Forget cheeseburgers in paradise! Beef sushi elevated this beachy bash to new heights of flavor. The event was sponsored by the Certified Angus Beef ® brand and Moet & Chandon. For more images from the 2018 Cayman Cookout, visit …   Continue Reading

Naughty Girl and a Night On the Town

Owning her own place and shaping it with the flavors, feels and smells truly representative of her culinary vision was what appealed most to the Louisiana-born chef. And despite a wildly successful 12-year run at her former restaurant, the temptation was much too great to ignore.  Continue Reading

Rewriting the Culinary Rules, Ohio Style

Long before The Greenhouse Tavern opened on East Fourth Street in downtown Cleveland, Ohio the pedestrian-only strip was already making its mark as the culinary epicenter of the country’s next great revival city. But having recently surpassed its seventh birthday, The Greenhouse Tavern — the flagship and pride and joy of its celebrated chef, Jonathon Sawyer — has …   Continue Reading

Saltgrass Steak House Serves Big, Authentic Texas Flavor

It’s been said that everything is bigger in Texas. Truth be told, most things in Texas are the same size as anywhere else. You see, it’s not size that makes Texas different — it’s just that Texas is more, well, Texan. And if you need an example of that, just walk into any of the nearly 60 Saltgrass Steakhouse locations across Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida.  Continue Reading
Larkins On The River

Rollin’ on The River (and the lake, and more!)

Since opening their first concept nearly two decades ago, restaurateurs Mark and Larkin Hammond and business partner Bob Munnich have built a reputation by meeting their customers where they are … and then blowing them away. Approachability, it should be stated, is the hallmark across the trio’s ever-growing portfolio of restaurants, which started with their two-level, fine-dining-upstairs and casual-dining-downstairs …   Continue Reading
Aubrey's Restaurant

Aubrey’s Is Artfully Delicious

Follow the mountainous stretch of Route I-75 south through southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee’s Daniel Boone National Forest and you can’t miss the billboard on the hill: Aubrey’s. Real Comfort. Real Food. Real Good.  Continue Reading

Deep in the heart of a world-class barbecue

Demeris Barbecue, a family-owned Houston barbecue specialist since 1964, operates two restaurants year-round and an extensive catering division known for its quality menus and service. It’s also the culinary force behind the popular “Those Texans” tent at the Bar-B-Que, serving up a variety of tender and juicy Certified Angus Beef ® brand brisket, as well as spicy pork ribs, Texas-style sausage, and all the best bites on the side.  Continue Reading

A signature Taste of Texas

Would the promise of a behind-the-scenes experience at an iconic steakhouse do it for you? Imagine you could witness a steak cutting demonstration and an explanation of what makes certain cuts stand head and shoulders above the rest. Throw in a session explaining how quality beef is brought to the table, from farm gate to dinner plate. Add some Texas history and local lore, and finish the day with a grilling class and taste testing. Just for good measure, what if a premium steak lunch was to conclude the day?  Continue Reading

Tasty travels for St. Patrick’s Day favorites

What comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick's Day dining — corned beef? Irish Stew? A frosty green beverage? If you're like thousands of Americans, you may plan to spend the holiday in two of the largest cities in the Eastern U.S., where many Irish immigrants settled and have spawned generations of tried and true Irish traditions.  Continue Reading

You’re gonna like Jersey Mike’s

This post was written by freelance writer Laura Conaway. Calling Jersey Mike’s a sub shop seems like an understatement. It’s a chain of restaurants that maintains a local vibe where quite often, everyone really does know your name. The folks at Jersey Mike’s put premium quality and freshness at the forefront of their business model. …   Continue Reading
Chef Keoni Chang, competing on CBS Recipe Rehab Feb. 15.

Recipe Rehab – a tale of two stews

If you’re a fan of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand you may have already heard about the upcoming challenge airing this Saturday on CBS. If not, let me fill you in. The Cortes Family has a love for food that stems from their Puerto Rican heritage and family gatherings. Unfortunately, some of those ‘family …   Continue Reading

Behind the scenes at Recipe Rehab

This post was written by Certified Angus Beef ® brand friend, Liz DeBoer. She makes her home in California and took a road trip to L.A. for this story. On any typical evening, I can be found perusing my TV’s food channels looking for a cooking show or competition that will keep me enthralled for say, …   Continue Reading

It’s squash season

Fall is my favorite season for countless reasons. For starters, the turning leaves are stunning. The cool air grants me permission to wear any one of my 30+ scarves (yes, I have an obsession. The first step is admitting, right?). The early sunset allows me to go to bed early, guilt-free. I get to sip …   Continue Reading

Peaceable assembly and tasty eats

If father-daughter tandem Mike and Kyle Barnes had their druthers, they would simply get paid to argue … err, hold civil discussions. Unfortunately, the job market for such a profession isn’t exactly flourishing. But for years, the father-daughter pair met daily for “debates” at a small breakfast place in their native Wooster, Ohio, and what started …   Continue Reading

Decadence in the desert

It’s a yearly tradition … celebrate past successes and face the future with improvements, new ideas, brainstorming and inspiration. This transition — past to present to forward thinking — takes place at the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s annual conference. The event is held at beautiful destinations across the country and every once in awhile, …   Continue Reading

Hooray for Hollywood and Serious Barbecue

My first trip to Hollywood … home of celebrities, palm trees and the shiniest star: chef Adam Perry Lang’s Serious Barbecue pop-up shop in the back lot of Jimmy Kimmel Live! When I arrived at the pop-up, the first thing Adam proudly showed me was a beautifully crusted hunk of protein, and after trying, I …   Continue Reading
Hobart's Steakhouse

Tasty Travels: boast-worthy bites

I’m always on a quest for beautiful food and I found it at the grand opening celebration of Hobart’s Steakhouse in Ontario, Canada. Guests at the restaurant’s new, second location enjoyed a grand opening affair of appetizers and main dishes that had mouths watering. And speaking of grand fare, check out these lip smacking dishes! …   Continue Reading

Go Tell It On the Mountain

When you have a message to spread to the world — one you believe in wholeheartedly and dedicate your life to preserving, promoting and improving — you’re willing to go to great lengths to share your point-of-view. Your mission is fueled by enthusiasm, passion and unwavering resolve. You want to shout your ideals from mountaintops, from sea …   Continue Reading
Calgary ranch at dawn

Beautiful places, beautiful bites

When I travel, I try to digest all things around me. I don’t mean literally, or at least not 100% literally. Taking in the sights, sounds, smells and of course, tastes of each destination helps me to understand the area’s culture and locks it in my memory. My latest adventure led me to Calgary, Alberta, …   Continue Reading
Cagney's aboard Norwegian Cruise Line

Smooth sailing for steak lovers

“Sailing, sailing over the ocean blue …” We’ve been training on the high seas. And if you’re planning a cruise to the Bahamas or Alaska or even Mexico aboard Norwegian Cruise Line®, you’ll be relieved to know the Certified Angus Beef ® brand will join you on the journey. It’s now the official steak served in …   Continue Reading
Prime Rib on Smoker

Restaurateurs to the ranch

… and cattlemen to the culinary side of life. Chefs from across the country came to Texas to see, hear, feel and fully experience the beef industry. And though each chef prepares Certified Angus Beef ® steaks, burgers and more for restaurant customers, most had never visited a working ranch, stood toe to toe with …   Continue Reading

The Big Q and A

If you’re a facebook fan or twitter follower you may already know we spent last weekend in the fun and the sun of South Beach, Miami. The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival is not for the faint of heart, nor for the calorie-counting connoisseur. The event is a giant epicurean adventure brimming …   Continue Reading

From Aruba with love and local cuisine

“Tell people you’re going to Aruba to do a Certified Angus Beef ® brand Texas barbecue promotion at the Renaissance Aruba Resort, and all they hear is, ‘I’m going to sit on the beach in Aruba for a week’!” Such was the case for Chef Scott Neuman of Portland’s ¡Oba! Restaurante. And though he didn’t have …   Continue Reading
Chef Mark Stark

Exquisite food a Stark reality

Chef Mark Stark opened his acclaimed Stark’s Steakhouse in one of the plummeting economy’s hardest-stricken areas in late 2007. Not far from the epicenter of where the technology boom’s bubble burst in Silicon Valley, Stark and his wife, Terri, chose to weather the storm. What has blossomed since those difficult early days is one of …   Continue Reading
Chef Scott Popovic - Certified Angus Beef brand corporate chef

Setting our sights on Grand Cayman

Jetting off to the Cayman Islands sounds like a glamorous endeavor, but serving up impeccable meals and pleasing vacationing palates is no easy task … unless you’re in the company of Chef Scott Popovic and friends. Chef Scott participated in the Cayman Cookout again this year. The annual event is hosted by celebrity chefs Eric …   Continue Reading
Chef Scott Popovic

Best Bites of 2012, part two

Our walk down memory lane continues. Read part one. June We slid into Culintro with culinary conversations and yeah, those sliders were awesome! June also saw cattle in the vines and a grilling showdown of gastronomic proportions that had one nation (and our chefs!) divided. July We discovered Two Rivers in Baltimore … … and …   Continue Reading