Calgary ranch at dawn

Beautiful places, beautiful bites

Calgary ranch at dawn

When I travel, I try to digest all things around me. I don’t mean literally, or at least not 100% literally. Taking in the sights, sounds, smells and of course, tastes of each destination helps me to understand the area’s culture and locks it in my memory.

Calgary ranch

My latest adventure led me to Calgary, Alberta, where the sights were gorgeous, the sounds were of nature and western Canadian accents, the smells were fresh mountain air, and the tastes were exquisite. If there is one word that summarizes and will forever be my memory of Calgary, it is beautiful.

Prior to my trip, I was warned I may not want to return to Ohio after visiting Calgary because of its impressive views and stunning terrain. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, I would agree that Calgary is one of the most scenic areas I have visited.

The eye can see for miles, and the mountains set an unwavering backdrop, whether you’re within city limits or standing in the open fields of the province. Alberta is known as the beef province, where the majority of Canada beef is raised. I had the chance to chat with local Angus rancher, Robert Hamilton, about his land and cattle raised on the outskirts of Calgary, and here’s how he described the landscape:

“The rolling hills and the trees, the wide open spaces and the lush grass; it’s really a beautiful place to have this farm. The scenic part of it (Alberta) is second to none in the world, with the Rocky Mountains in our back door and black cows on the hills. It’s very rewarding when you’re out viewing the fruits of your labor, walking the pastures. It’s quite a sight to see.”

Ranch in Calgary, Alberta

The reason for my visit wasn’t just to take in the surroundings, though. I was participating in what we here at Certified Angus Beef LLC call Canadian Roundup – a two-day event for 40 retail, restaurant and foodservice distributor brand partners to experience the country’s beef industry from pasture to plate.

Group with bull

When I asked one restaurateur attendee who was born and raised in Calgary what he thought about living in the area, his response was, “look around you, why wouldn’t you live in Calgary?”


cowboy ribeye

We covered a lot of ground in two days, and on top of the serene landscape, we also enjoyed some beautiful bites while visiting Hamilton Farms — like 16 oz. Certified Angus Beef ® cowboy ribeye steaks hot off the grill!

Hamilton Farms, Calgary

“It’s because of ranching families like the Hamilton’s that we can enjoy product like this,” commented Larry Corah, Certified Angus Beef ® brand vice president of supply development, who helped teach the Canadian Roundup attendees about the beef industry.

What do you find to be beautiful when you travel? Is it the flavorful ( flavourful for our Canadian friends) fare? Is it the variation of vista?

Until we travel again,