Carnivore's Delights at the James Beard House

Best Bites of 2012, part one

It seems only right to remember our 2012 journeys before diving into new adventures and 2013. The past 12 months have been busy — we’ve traveled far and near, met fabulous people and tasted amazing dishes from extraordinary chefs! January We met up with Chef Cindy Hutson and learned more about her cooking philosophies and …   Continue Reading
Easy Chili Recipe

Baby it’s cold outside … and chili in here

Work has me grounded. I haven’t been traveling much and have traded in a recent jet-setting frenzy for a few weeks of desk work and quiet evenings at home. You’ll never guess where I’ve been spending my free time … Pinterest. Are you familiar with it? It’s an online bulletin board with fun ideas for decorating, …   Continue Reading

Nothing fishy about Foley

The “gate to plate” experience is widely touted, and one from which I have learned about environmental and quality procedures proudly practiced by folks raising beef cattle. It was equally interesting for my colleague, Dee Walenciak, and me to visit the M.F. Foley Company in New Bedford, Mass. — just two beef gals at a fish …   Continue Reading
Ohio State Barbecue Science Club

Buckeye Barbecue

Last night my family and I celebrated my father’s birthday with  Certified Angus Beef ® brand filet of rib. While preparing the delectable celebratory meal, I couldn’t help but think of The Ohio State University students in a first-of-its-kind undergraduate barbecue course. They earn college credit while learning how to grill delicious dinners. I can’t think …   Continue Reading

Did you know fish have tongues?

In this latest Tasty Travels post, we go to Newfoundland … … which begs the question: “Have you ever tried cod tongue?” and “Did you even know fish had tongues?” I hadn’t and I didn’t — not until I traveled to Newfoundland, that is. I guess it makes sense, but I’ve never thought about it before. And now …   Continue Reading
Certified Angus Beef brand Taste Drive - Aries

Out for a {taste} drive

Imagine a large exposition-style room abuzz with the sights and sounds of hungry people feasting. They’re sampling the latest, greatest and tastiest Certified Angus Beef ® brand convenience items — selections like corned beef, Prime roast beef deli meat, ready-made burger patties, country-fried steak and pre-cooked strips of tender, juicy beef. Where to start? At …   Continue Reading

Step inside The Greenbrier

The weather is beautiful, the hotel is grand and the company we keep? Absolutely divine. We’re fortunate to celebrate the past year with our partners and friends in a unique setting like The Greenbrier Resort. It’s an amazing place … brimming with vibrant colors, contrasting patterns and secrets acquired in a 230-year history. The event …   Continue Reading
The Greenbrier Resort

Elegant eats in an amazing retreat

We’re spending the week at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. Our annual conference is a celebration of achievements, a time to applaud our partners’ successes and look forward to the future. We hope you’ll come along with us … We’ll take you into the historic retreat and showcase its elegant rooms and …   Continue Reading

Globe trotting, bloggy style

I’ve traveled all around the world — to the Aussie land down under, across the great blue puddle to Europe, beyond America’s borders into Mexico and Canada, from Washington to Florida, Maine to California. But never have I had an opportunity like I did at the end of August — experiencing Saipan, Japan and Saudi …   Continue Reading
Darrell's in Darmouth, Novia Scotia

O Canada’s best burgers

You could tell me you’re not salivating at the sight of that beefy, bacon-y goodness on a bun, but I won’t believe you. It’s human nature. Our taste buds thrill at the sight of good food. They tingle with joy at the sharpness of cheddar cheese and crisp, salty bacon. A bite of dill pickle …   Continue Reading

Project runway

Editor’s note: This post was written by Malorie Bankhead, who is spending her summer interning with the Certified Angus Beef ® public relations team. While we’ve all been known to throw a little flare in our style, have you ever tossed a little fashion on your plate — your dinner plate that is. I’ve had …   Continue Reading

K.I.S.S. of Flavor

(Keep it seasoned, stupid) One of the indisputable facts on which the Certified Angus Beef ® brand hangs its hat is that, thanks to generous marbling, it tastes so naturally good you only need to season it with salt and pepper. That’s what our in-house culinary team recommends, that’s what our elite chef partners around …   Continue Reading

Paradise by the BBQ lights

Palm trees … white sandy beaches … barbecue and bubbly. Think lifestyles of the rich and famous on a tropical island. It’s enough to make anybody smile. Our own Chef Scott Popovic spent Independence Day at Peter Island Resort & Spa, the largest private island in the British Virgin Islands. He was surrounded by breathtaking …   Continue Reading
Certified Angus Beef brand Pastrami Cucumber Sandwich

Tasty Tuesday Pastrami & Cucumber Sandwich

Here’s a fresh and tasty summer sandwich that incorporates cucumber with dill and sour cream. Enjoy this zesty sandwich for lunch or dinner. Cucumbers not your favorite? Find more sandwich recipes here. And if you’re determined to beat the heat and stay out of the kitchen, click here to find our favorite restaurants near you. …   Continue Reading
Taste of the Caribbean 2012

Tasting the Caribbean in Miami

Taste of the Caribbean is a showcase of Caribbean cuisine held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami. Chefs from Caribbean hotel and resort destinations attend seminars and hear keynote speakers, participate in and enjoy a culinary trade show, and compete in a series of culinary challenges that showcase the region’s most popular and innovative …   Continue Reading
Chef Scott Popovic and Chef Thomas Keller

Classic Aspen

Glance down the list of featured chefs at this year’s FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, and you’ll see a veritable who’s who of the finest chefs in the world. Everybody from the iconic Thomas Keller and Jose Andres, Spain’s unofficial ambassador to the U.S., to molecular gastronomy pioneer Grant Achatz and Iron Chef Michael …   Continue Reading
Chef Mark Morgan, Two Rivers Steak & Fish House

Two Rivers in Baltimore

Chef Mark Morgan has been around the culinary world long enough to recognize a good piece of meat when he cuts into it. But then he received a phone call from a farmer — nearly 1,000 miles away — who happened to be standing in the middle of his field. That’s when the culinary head and …   Continue Reading

Me and Charlie Talking

Editor’s note: This post was written by Malorie Bankhead, who plans to spend her summer interning with the Certified Angus Beef ® public relations team. The first weekend of my internship … I traveled to Hopkinton, Mass. (near Boston) for the grand opening of the 130th Price Chopper store. Consumers, who were more than eager to visit …   Continue Reading
Beef and wine in Washington State

Cattle In the Vines

Wine flights are common in wine country and you’ve probably participated in your own tasting at an elegant restaurant or local vineyard. Multiple wines are served — anywhere from three to five to 50 — and you sample, compare and make note of their characters. Each wine gets the old see, swirl, sniff, sip and savor test. …   Continue Reading
Man bottle-feeding calf.

Home on the range with an MBA

It’s not every day the average Joe makes a to-do list that includes fix windmill, plant corn or bottle feed a calf. It’s not a typical day for most meat sales folks, either, but that’s just what happened one fine day in cattle country. The Certified Angus Beef ® brand invited 25 beef sales men …   Continue Reading

Memorial Day Slices and Sliders

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who make our pursuit of happiness possible. It’s also a great weekend for grilling. Gather those you hold dear and host a cookout with great food and fun times. I’m planning my own back yard get-together this weekend. First, we’ll attend a community memorial service where a neighbor plans …   Continue Reading
Saltgrass Steakhouse

Texas to the bone

Ask most chefs about the inspiration that led them to their chosen profession, and many will wax poetic about their childhood, spending time in the garden, cooking with mama or grandma, and reminiscing about the smells and tastes that take them home. Not Ric Rosser, though. No, the man who oversees the iconic Texas restaurant …   Continue Reading

The food will tell you what it needs

“You eat with your eyes first.” It’s a culinary cliché, but one that’s stood the test of time because it’s based in fact. Chefs know that a meal is an experience to be savored by all the senses — not just the palate. Its aroma, texture, and visual presentation all come into play. Chef Scott …   Continue Reading

Celebration part two: Grand Opening

We visited Cleveland and dined around town, feasting on amazing food and great conversation. We grabbed our knives and practiced beef-cutting skills. We traveled to a local farm to see how Angus cattle are raised. It was a whirlwind tour highlighted by exquisite food, amazing chefs and a never-ending buffet of information. What a way to celebrate …   Continue Reading
Cleveland Dining East 4th Street

Celebration Part One: dine around town

Food is emotional … and whether you’re dining in a restaurant, preparing a home-cooked meal or growing the actual ingredients on a farm, ranch or in a small garden, you have some sort of attachment to the process. Over the weekend, Certified Angus Beef ® set out to create a culinary experience like no other. …   Continue Reading

Sweet treats at Lola

Cleveland’s East 4th Street comes alive in brilliant color at night. It was the ideal backdrop for an evening of exquisite food and varied dishes brimming with flavor, color and texture. Our group of chefs, media and foodie folks concluded the Cleveland Dine Around at Michael Symon’s Lola Bistro for sweet treats and a nightcap. …   Continue Reading

Appetizers at Hodges

Chefs, media and special guests began the Cleveland Dine Around at Hodges in downtown Cleveland. The group included editors from beef and ranching publications, food writers and local media, along with guest chefs Howard Kleinberg of Bulldog BBQ in Miami (back, right); Rory Schepisi of Boot Hill Saloon & Grill in Vega, Texas (far right); …   Continue Reading

The Greenhouse Tavern

The Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th Street in downtown Cleveland is the creation of Chef Jonathan Sawyer, named by Food & Wine magazine as one of the best new chefs of 2010. The eatery was also tagged by bon appétit as a top ten restaurant in America. The interior is brimming with recycled materials and currently …   Continue Reading

Dem bones, dem bones

Decadence is a beef bone brimming with rich, creamy marrow that spreads like silk on crusty artisan bread. Indulgence is a seven-foot slab of marrow bones and bread, greens and a dusting of cheese. Culinary enchantment is dining around Cleveland on a Friday night. I overheard Chef Michelle Brown (left) of Jag’s Steak and Seafood …   Continue Reading

Amarillo by morning, noon and night

A group of elite chefs — some city slickers, some not — convene in Amarillo, Texas. A few embrace the everything’s bigger here! spirit and wear cowboy boots with jeans. There are no 10-gallon hats in this crowd, but they’ll need them to carry the wealth of information they receive from seasoned Angus cattle ranchers …   Continue Reading

Flavor on the side

To get this … A perfectly grilled, tender and juicy, bursting-with-flavor cowboy-cut ribeye steak, you have to cut a steak from the finest Angus beef — beef that offers premium quality and loads of marbling. You’d have to choose a raw steak that looked a lot like this … A shipment of fresh Certified Angus …   Continue Reading
Chef Michelle Brown of Jag's Steak & Seafood in Aruba

A week in Aruba

It’s not every day a chef from Cincinnati cooks in a kitchen in Aruba, but that’s exactly how Chef Michelle Brown spent the week. L.G. Smith’s Steak & Chop House at the Renaissance Aruba Resort hosted Chef Michelle for a series of educational seminars. And while she was there, she helped them launch a new menu. …   Continue Reading
Certified Angus Beef strip steak

Recipes from Rory

Chef Rory Schepisi of Boot Hill Saloon & Grill in Vega, Texas appears on the Today Show this morning. Her recipes will make your mouth water! We asked if she’d share them with us — and you! So here they are … Chef Rory’s favorite barbecue party dishes. And you can keep tabs on her …   Continue Reading

Boot scootin’ from Texas to Today Show

If you’ve spent any time following us here at or surfed the succulent variations of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand, chances are you’ve been introduced to Chef Rory Schepisi. You may have been a fan of hers since her Food Network Star days. If that’s true, consider yourself ahead of the game. Tomorrow, …   Continue Reading

Serving with honor

It’s not every day you get to meet a hero. And it’s not every day you get to express your gratitude to thousands of them. But that’s exactly what Armed Forces Appreciation Day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is all about. On that day, servicemen and women, their spouses and children are invited …   Continue Reading

On the road again

Our chefs enjoy the kitchen immensely … creating recipes, combining flavors and appreciating the sizzle of mouthwatering steaks on the grill. But it’s not all fun and games … This morning Chef Michael Ollier was at NBC in Bismarck, North Dakota. He’s preparing to tantalize viewers and wow morning show hosts with amazing steaks and …   Continue Reading

Smokin’ hot in Houston

Holy smoke! That, in a nutshell, was my reaction to my very first visit to the legendary Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s World’s Championship Bar-B-Que contest. For the previously uninitiated, like myself, it’s true what they say: everything IS bigger in Texas. Sure, I’d traveled to the Lone Star before, but never had I experienced …   Continue Reading
Demeris BBQ in Texas

Simply delicious in the Lone Star State

I’ve noticed people often like to make things more complicated than they need to be. Take young couples planning a wedding, obsessing over every decision “Bridezilla”-style. Then there are the super-parents who are on an annual quest to create the Most Perfect Birthday Cake Ever. And if you want to lose a few pounds, forget …   Continue Reading

Hurry to Hodge’s in Downtown Cleveland

Nothing floats my boat and trips my trigger like spectacular food and awesome interior design. When those elements combine with urban vibes, rustic flair, down-home hospitality and the charisma of local community … I’m pleased as punch. I had the pleasure of attending an evening open house at the new Hodge’s restaurant in downtown Cleveland. …   Continue Reading
Stockyard Inn Lancaster, Pa.

Celebrating 60 Inn style

The Legendary Stockyard Inn in Lancaster, Pa., is one of the oldest, continuously operating steakhouses in the United States. Built as a farmhouse in 1750, the Inn was the northernmost settlement in Colonial Lancaster. The historic structure has changed hands many times in its 177+ years — the first recorded title is dated 1835. Its …   Continue Reading