Did you know fish have tongues?


In this latest Tasty Travels post, we go to Newfoundland …

… which begs the question: “Have you ever tried cod tongue?” and “Did you even know fish had tongues?” I hadn’t and I didn’t — not until I traveled to Newfoundland, that is. I guess it makes sense, but I’ve never thought about it before. And now I find out cod tongue is a local cuisine specialty in the north!

Cod Tongue
photo courtesy Google Images, property of espressosnob.wordpress.com.

Earlier this month, I visited the beautiful eastern Canadian province of Newfoundland to connect with licensed Certified Angus Beef ® brand partner, Atlantic Grocery Distributors (AGD). We talked about Angus beef, AGD’s successes, and about cod tongue, too.

Craig Osmond, AGD Certified Angus Beef ® brand Specialist, introduced my colleague and I to the fried fare. I’ll admit it was tasty, as long as we didn’t think too hard about what we were consuming. Beyond the odd appetizer, I found the Newfoundlanders to be a wonderfully unique people. In short, they were fantastic and the landscape was gorgeous, too. The views were full of pine trees, lakes and wildlife. It had a raw and untouched feel to it that made me want to climb into the nearest canoe and get lost in the untamed beauty of the countryside.


It may have rained cats and dogs while we were there, but that didn’t dampen the beauty of the terrain, the new friends we made, and even their uncommon cuisine. If you ever have a chance to travel up north, I highly suggest popping over to Newfoundland and discovering its marvels for yourself.

I know I’ll be going back … and I am determined to spot a moose next time, too!