Easy Chili Recipe

Baby it’s cold outside … and chili in here

Easy Chili Recipe

Work has me grounded. I haven’t been traveling much and have traded in a recent jet-setting frenzy for a few weeks of desk work and quiet evenings at home. You’ll never guess where I’ve been spending my free time … Pinterest.

Pinterest window frame projectAre you familiar with it? It’s an online bulletin board with fun ideas for decorating, cooking — you name it! The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is on Pinterest, too. You can check out our beefy boards, here.

This week alone, I made a Pinterest-worthy picture frame from a paint-chipped window I found in the barn. Yes, it’s old and battered, but that’s why I love it! I redecorated my bedroom — inspired by photos on Pinterest, of course. And then there’s my time in the kitchen. I made the infamous Certified Angus Beef ® brand Easy Ground Beef ChiliYum!

This chili-making madness?
A very big deal for me. It did provide opportunity to put my bright and shiny new Dutch oven to the test. (It passed with flying colors and I now plan on using it to cook just about everything!)

This chili was top-notch — I’ve been eating it for three days in a row. I even put some in the freezer. The recipe makes 3 quarts of soup, way too much for one person, but perfect for quick and easy meals during a busy work week.

Now … what to do with the 3 pounds of stew meat sitting in my refrigerator? I’m open to ideas. Guess I’ll head on over to Pinterest or maybe the recipes here! According to my calendar, I’ll have time to pull out that Dutch oven again soon.

Mmm. Time to get cooking!