Bone in or out?

To be or not to be, that is the question. And though I’m sure Hamlet wasn’t pondering beef at the time, Shakespeare’s famous line applies to today’s topic and Dr. Phil Bass, meat scientist. Dr. Phil is in our proverbial hot seat fielding questions from readers. A gentleman named Cesar has a bone to pick with …   Continue Reading

The Doctor Is In

As promised, our very own meat therapist scientist, Dr. Phil, answered some of the questions you asked us on Facebook and Twitter. Austin writes to us on Facebook to ask … Say it does rain again one of these days and I’m forced into the kitchen with my steak, what is the best way to …   Continue Reading

Face of the mad meat scientist

To accurately describe Dr. Phil Bass, take two minutes and complete the following exercise: Empty one packet of Pop Rocks candy into a small Styrofoam cup. Add one shot of espresso, two cups of Mrs. Butterworth pancake syrup and a Ghost chili pepper. Shake well. Set cup on fire. Sprinkle with gasoline. There has, perhaps, …   Continue Reading