Autumn in New York

What could be better than fabulous wines, exquisite tastes and the company of fabulous foodies! Our team — including Mary McMillen, director of Marketing (left) and Barb Burd, marketing manager, traveled to New York last week with meat scientist Dr. Phil Bass and Chef Michael Ollier.

The men in white made quite an impression at the  New York City Wine & Food Festival with their sharp knives, intimidating hunks o’ beef and charismatic wit.

Over the course of three days Chef Michael and Dr. Phil talked beef and hob-knobbed with celebrity chefs under the Brooklyn Bridge — all in the name of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand.

The invitation to participate came to us thanks to our partner, ShopRite. New Yorkers loved what this retailer had to offer in the ShopRite Showcase space.

Guest chefs and food experts gave live demonstrations and talked food and food-related for hours on end. The crowd’s enthusiasm was enough to make you hungry for more … and more. In fact, folks were eager to gain tips, techniques and perhaps a taste of sizzling steak.

As Dr. Phil began cutting steaks with finesse and precision, Chef Michael compared his artistic pursuits to those of Michelangelo! Listen in …

We had a great time in New York …

… and then we hopped a plane for the next adventure — Westward, Ho! — to California for Cab Lab and BBQ Boot Camp with Louis M. Martini.

Details on that trip coming soon. In the mean time, we’d like to answer your questions about cutting steaks, ordering specific cuts from your butcher or cooking beef to tender perfection.

We’ll get the answers from Chef Michael and our own master artist, Dr. Phil.

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Jennifer lives on a rural route with her husband, kids, horses, cows and faithful Labs, Cash and Carter. She's an aspiring foodie and enjoys making good food for great friends. She lives next door to a winery, plays the piano, and admits to growing too many tomatoes.