Let’s play 20 questions

What is it you want to know? What is it you want us to explain?
What is that one thing that stumps you every time you stand at the meat case or fire up the grill or grab your steak knife?

We’re putting Certified Angus Beef ® brand meat scientist, Dr. Phil Bass, in the hot seat. He’ll answer questions, provide explanations and basically share his passion for beef with those of us who aspire to be meatheads.

Here’s what to do: Post your question in the comments below. We’ll choose up to 20 questions from here and from those posted on our Facebook page. If we choose your question, we’ll send you a little something in the mail (be sure to check back to see if your question was selected!). And best of all, Dr. Phil will provide us with the answers we seek in a future blog post.

Ask and you shall receive!


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Jennifer Kiko

Jennifer lives on a rural route with her husband, kids, horses, cows and faithful Labs, Cash and Carter. She's an aspiring foodie and enjoys making good food for great friends. She lives next door to a winery, plays the piano, and admits to growing too many tomatoes.