mushroom pizza

Magical Mushrooms

mushroom pizza

It’s National Mushroom Day and while I love a good pie topped with — among other delights, mushrooms — these tasty fungi possess much more than pizza-topping properties. They’re good in almost every dish, especially those with tender, juicy beef!

Steak and mushrooms

Whether you saute them in bourbon and butter to top your steak, add them to stew or top your favorite back yard burger, mushrooms definitely add flavor, color and texture to your favorite dishes. Here’s a list of our favorite beef and mushroom recipes. I think you’ll find they make a perfect pair!

Celebrate National Mushroom Day with these tasty recipes:

German Pot Roast with Mushrooms

Did you know? Mushrooms do not contain chlorophyll (green pigment) so they don’t need sunshine to grow. Some of the earliest mushrooms were farmed in caves in 17th century France.

And here’s a fun fungus fact … did you know the largest living organism on earth is Oregon’s infamous honey mushroom? It covers nearly 4 square miles!

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