beef rib roast

A Thanksgiving Two-Step

beef rib roast

Let’s talk turkey beef for Thanksgiving.

We all know the classic holiday table includes a fowl centerpiece that has been lovingly roasted for hours and hours by Grandma, or perhaps you. Uncle [insert name here] has perfected the art of bird carving. Aunts arrive with steaming pans of stuffing, green bean casserole, baked corn and sweet potato soufflé. The infamous cranberry salad appears.

We love tradition and thrive on holiday favorites. We expect eating as usual.
I suggest we do a bit of shake, rattle and rolling.

flank steak roulade

Flank steak roulade is an option if you want a second, main dish protein on your Thanksgiving table. It’s a show-stopping sort of dish and the taste is just as delightful.

Roulade, put simply, is to roll. Preparation calls for marinating — a good thing since you’ll need time on the big day to whip potatoes or smother innocent green beans in cream of mushroom soup (shudder). Don’t let the this roulade recipe intimidate you. Preparation is relatively simple and Chef Michael will show you how.

Now that we’ve talked about shake, rattle and rolling, I have a couple of questions for you.
Can you do the mashed potato? Good (yum)!
Can you do the twist? Yes. Yes you can!

Family members may be surprised if you beef up their Thanksgiving feast, but they certainly won’t be disappointed by Thanksgiving dinner with a twist!

Boneless Beef Rib Roast

Boneless rib roast is delicious and adds decadence to the table. Roasting couldn’t be simpler — perfect for a busy day with too many cooks in your kitchen. All it needs is a little salt and pepper and it — and you — are good to go.

My family demands a mix of meats at an otherwise traditional feast.
We give ’em the bird on Thanksgiving, and you can bet there’s beef on the table, too. This year we may roll into the meal with flank steak roulade. We may add a tasty twist and serve a boneless rib roast. Either way, we’ll savor familiar faces, full bellies and bountiful blessings.

And for those we are overwhelmingly grateful.


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