Classic Burger Certified Angus Beef burger

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Classic Burger Certified Angus Beef burger

Tis the season for salivating over savory, sweet or spicy burgers fresh off the grill. Sure, May 28 happens to be National Burger Day, but you know what I say? Celebrate all summer long! In my experience there’s no better way to gather friends, family and loved ones than with the promise of a cookout under sunny — or starry night — skies. From the tantalizing aromas of sizzling beef to the amazing taste of a freshly-grilled burger, it’s the finest kind of outdoor dining experience to be had.

And it’s easy. Head to your local store for Certified Angus Beef ® ground beef and a few of your favorite topping ingredients. Grab paper plates and napkins, too. Mix up a pitcher of iced tea, put a few brewskies on ice and prepare for a tasty little back yard soiree. Then, [in my case] I hand the charcoal over to my husband with a hearty, “C’mon baby, light my fire!” *wink wink*

He grills the burgers, I wrangle kids and side dishes, and guests add conversation and good times. It’s the sweetest kind of summertime food and fun …

Blue Cheese Burger

Love. On a bun.

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