Beef tortilla

Five Flavorful Favorites for Cinco de Mayo

Beef tacos

Looking for a good excuse for a fiesta? Cinco de Mayo (or the Fifth of May, for us gringas/gringos) is a great excuse for a casual get-together. After all, who doesn’t love south of the border flavors … and maybe a margarita or two?

Some food for thought, as you plan your party:

Beef tortillas

Sirloin Burritos, with Red Chimichurri. All right, food police, calm down. We know chimichurri is technically an Argentinean accompaniment to grilled beef … and is most often green, made with lots of fresh herbs. But this version is so unique and flavorful, it makes it a must-try.

Cinco de Mayo recipe

Slow-cooker Barbacoa Burritos. Enjoy layered, nuanced flavors and incredible tenderness – your slow cooker makes this crowd-pleasing dish easy to put together.

Border Burger

Border Burger. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta have a thick, juicy burger – especially now that grilling season is under way for most of the United States. Top this one with Jack cheese and a tasty corn and black bean salsa for an extra kick.

Tequila Fajitas

Tequila Fajitas. Yep, we went there. You were going to get the tequila out for the drinks anyway … so you may as well use it to marinate your steaks, too. Pair it with lime and avocado for an unforgettable flavor combination!

Taco Salad

Beef Taco Salad. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your craving for an old-school Tex-Mex favorite. Since it’s technically a “salad,” you can indulge with no guilt – but you were already thinking that, weren’t you?

Whatever’s on your menu this weekend, make it ¡muy delicioso!