Grill care and maintenance

Beef 101: TLC for your grill

Perfectly grilled steak dinner

‘Tis the season for grilling and that tickles me pink — which happens to be the way I like my steaks (translation: medium rare to medium doneness). But before I can dig in and indulge in a sizzling bite o’ beef, I need to tackle some housekeeping. Spring cleaning should always extend to your outdoor grill — and I don’t mean turn a garden hose on the thing and call it a day. Your grill requires specific maintenance to keep it functioning properly. I’m no expert but I know where to get the information!

The folks at Weber have put together a couple of helpful grill cleaning tutorials. And whether you’re a die-hard charcoal connoisseur or a gas grilling extraordinaire, they have the tips you need to maintain your grill all season long. As they say at Weber, a clean, well-maintained grill will:


Grill baby, grill!

Grill Cleaning Tips from the Experts at Weber
Watch the videos below, scrub and polish, and then grill baby, grill!
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