Better Bacon Cheddar Burger

Burger Bliss In Every Bite

Burgers on the grill.

Remember back in the day, when burgers were just burgers? Ground beef, formed in a patty, served on a bun. You could add cheese (almost always American) and the toppings were standard fare: ketchup, mustard, onion and pickle. Lettuce and tomato too, maybe, if you were going to go all out.

And while there’s nothing wrong with those burgers of yore — in fact, I often find myself craving a humble hamburger, as long as it’s juicy and flavorful — our palates today are tempted by a dazzling array of choices. Whether it’s the fast-food joint on the corner or the white-tablecloth bistro downtown, burgers have gone gourmet. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a mighty good thing, too!

Greek Burger

Most folks continue to pile their toppings high atop their burger. From every variety of cheese imaginable to exotic condiments ranging from sriracha to chutney, there are infinite ways to customize your perfect bite. Care to give a burger international flair? Choose the right supporting cast and your dinner will evoke a night spent in Greece, Germany or even India.

But there’s a different way to give your burgers some extra flair. Why not customize your ground beef with a variety of flavorful mix-ins? That’s right … tuck those tasty extras right into the patty itself! You don’t have to follow a set formula either, though it’s wise to keep your premium ground beef as the star of the show. Try shredded or crumbled cheese. Stir in a bit of a flavorful sauce. Mix in some chopped sautéed veggies. Find added flavor with fresh herbs. It’s really up to you!

We’ll get you started with a few flavorful examples. Each is uniquely delicious!

Korean flavors climb to the top of the charts in the Gangnam Pile burger. Blended with a bit of brown sugar, rice vinegar, fish sauce and sesame seeds, it takes your palate on an Asian adventure. Find the recipe here.

Gangnam Pile Burger

Like your burger full of all-American flavor? Blend in some onion, barbecue sauce, ancho chili powder and diced bacon for a Better Bacon Cheddar burger. It’s truly kicked-up Western-style picnic fare.

Better Bacon Cheddar Burger

My favorite, because I like things spicy, is the Southwestern Gambler. The recipe is pretty simple – Certified Angus Beef ® ground beef blended with a chopped poblano pepper, jack cheese and hot sauce – but the impact on your taste buds is anything but! It’s not just fiery, but flavorful, with bold tastes in every juicy bite.

Southwestern Gambler Burger

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