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Heritage Series: It’s Been Angus Ever After


Meet a couple of the folks behind the Certified Angus Beef ® brand.

Meet Ryan and June Loseke. Their marriage has endured vet school, the busy time when they were both working for local doctors, the births of four children who they now shuttle between sporting events and 4-H activities, and the forming of their own veterinary practice. And they did it all while farming the land and feeding and caring for cattle. Together.

“Having Angus cattle was in our wedding vows,” Ryan jokes.

He was kidding. Kind of … but it’s been Angus ever after for the couple. The real key has been spending time together, June says. They saddle up their horses and ride side-by-side in the mornings to check on the cattle. They help each other out when the veterinary practice demands their time and attention. They’ve raised their kids in the mix of it all.

“All of them [the kids] have been out on horses since they were infants, out here with us,” June says. “I think they learned to count and recognize numbers from reading cattle ear tags.”

For better, for worse. For Angus cattle, and in life it seems, the Losekes really are the picture of excellence in action. They work each and every day to bring incredibly tasty, tender and juicy Angus beef to the table.

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