Heritage Series: Meet the Krulls

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When another generation joins the ranch, sometimes the family gets creative. They may add more cattle enterprises, or perhaps start a bed and breakfast, or outfitting business. But when Kotton and Abbey Krull came back to Abbey’s family Angus ranch near Chamberlain, S.D., they focused on how to “pay our own way, so to speak,” says Kotton.


The Krulls care for their cattle under blue skies and fluffy white clouds in grassy pastures overlooking the Missouri River. And both Kotton and Abbey are passionate about every aspect of their job. They have increased quality, not just because it makes sense for their business, but because it makes a difference to people who love beef.

“We’re beginning with the end in mind,” Abbey says. “We’ve got to remember that what we produce ends up on somebody’s plate.”

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