Burger Bliss In Every Bite

Rare Roundup: weekly favorites [6-26-15]

Burger Bliss In Every Bite

Remember back in the day, when burgers were just burgers? Ground beef, formed in a patty and served on a bun. You could add cheese (almost always American) and the toppings were standard fare: ketchup, mustard, onion and pickle. Lettuce and tomato too, maybe, if you were going to go all out. There’s nothing wrong with those burgers of yore — or those occasions when you’re tempted by a more dazzling array of choices! Check out this weeks favorites … let’s revel in choices. Check out these RECIPES FOR BURGER BLISS!

Make Your Own Frozen Burger Patties

There’s no denying the convenience of frozen patties for grilling burgers. Rebecca of Foodie with Family blog shows how to make your OWN tasty, uniform and convenient frozen patties for grilled burgers any time! See how she makes her own HOMEMADE FROZEN BURGER PATTIES here.

Homemade Burger Buns

Making your own hamburger buns is really easy, says Leigh Anne from Your Homebased Mom blog. “Once you enjoy a homemade hamburger bun it’s a little hard to go back to the store-bought kind!”
Get her recipe for HOMEMADE BURGER BUNS here!
Searching for more burger inspiration? Visit our Burger Pinterest Board for ideas, tips and recipes.



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