braised shank in a shirt

Cleveland Chefs Get Creative To Showcase Beef Diversity

It’s not to say that Cleveland chefs David Kocab and Matt Mytro don’t appreciate a good steak. Both chefs — with prominent Italian-centric restaurants just miles apart on the championship city’s east side — love a sizzling steak. But they also believe chefs can be very creative when it comes to beef. So they joined forces to create a special dinner showcasing these ideas.

Chefs Mytro and Kocab preparing for a special beef-centric dinner.

Kocab and Mytro created and executed a pseudo-Italian focused, seven-course menu featuring beef as rarely experienced – and they did so at Kocab’s much-lauded restaurant,  Trentina.

Trentina in CLeveland

No burgers, no steaks — just Certified Angus Beef ® brand dishes imagined by two of the region’s most creative culinary minds. Here are a few snaps of what went down.

Kocab dinner at Trentina
Kocab’s Tartare with smoked oysters, toasted yeast emulsion and pickled radish
beef carpaccio
Mytro’s Beef carpaccio with Nduja, bone marrow lardo, lemon & shiso
beef bucatini
Mytro’s Beef bucatini with mushroom bolognese and parmesan Reggiano
Kocab: Making pot roast cool again. … Potato gnocchi with braised greens and ricota salad.
Cleveland culinary icon and Matt Mytro’s partner at Flour Paul Minnillo was in the kitchen.
Cleveland culinary icon and Matt Mytro’s partner at Flour Paul Minnillo was in the kitchen.
braised shank in a shirt
Kocab’s “Shin in a shirt” – Braised beef shank peposo en una camicia with garlic confit
Mytro’s Short rib with farro, fermented tomato sugo and wood-oven carrots

What a night on Cleveland’s East Side. If you’re within driving distance, a second beefy dinner — with an all-new menu — is scheduled at Chef Mytro’s highly-acclaimed Flour restaurant on May 1, 2017.


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