Roadtrip: Where do great steaks come from?

It’s almost too picturesque, I thought as I stood in Mark and Abbie Nelson’s circular roundabout and stared. I drove below a canopy of trees to get here — a place where Angus cattle graze upon golden pastures that meet rolling vineyards of zinfandel and petite sirah. The San Francisco coastline is a mere 100 miles in the …   Continue Reading

Confetti Cooking

There was a time when I made one meal and the family ate it, just as I made it. That seems like so long ago. As the kids get older, nutrition tips come from here and there, and we gain more options when dining out, my kitchen seems like a mini restaurant. I jokingly think …   Continue Reading

Go Tell It On the Mountain

When you have a message to spread to the world — one you believe in wholeheartedly and dedicate your life to preserving, promoting and improving — you’re willing to go to great lengths to share your point-of-view. Your mission is fueled by enthusiasm, passion and unwavering resolve. You want to shout your ideals from mountaintops, from sea …   Continue Reading