Primal instincts

“O! for a muse of fire,
that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.”

~ William Shakespeare

Fire is fascinating … intriguing … mesmerizing and captivating. It brings heat and light to cold and darkness. It warms away chills and perhaps most important to mankind, cooks our food. There is beauty in the sizzle of tender steak on hot grill. There is satisfaction in spitting flames and smoky fire that sears flavor into meat.

It’s a simple, basic process that works — until impatience prompts us to poke and prod, twist and turn. It’s the cave man factor. A primitive instinct to play with our food.  

Resist the urge, friends. Put the steak on the grill. Turn once. Do not, under any circumstances, spear the beef with a fork. Trust me. Don’t give in to those primal instincts.

For more on our inner cave man tendencies as well as a tasty date-night meal idea, listen in as Chef Michael Ollier and Amy Tobin of Amy’s Table get their grill on …

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Jennifer Kiko

Jennifer lives on a rural route with her husband, kids, horses, cows and faithful Labs, Cash and Carter. She's an aspiring foodie and enjoys making good food for great friends. She lives next door to a winery, plays the piano, and admits to growing too many tomatoes.