Words to win by



Wow! You folks sure made it a tough decision. We certainly love the notion that beef is what’s for Thanksgiving. And who can argue with the wise words of Dr. Seuss. Bradley … funny, but don’t do it! And a meat coma? Ha! We loved ALL of your answers and though it was difficult to choose just one, we did!

The winner is: m hurson

m hurson, please e-mail your mailing address and we’ll ship a prize package to you.
Thanks for playing along and we look forward to next week’s contest!

A picture’s worth a thousand words …

What does this photo say to you? Inspired minds want to know what words come to mind when you gaze — perhaps longingly — at this decadent meal. Tell us in the comments section. We’ll choose our favorite word or caption and send the winner a Certified Angus Beef ® brand prize package.

We don’t want to stop the flow of creativity if you’re on a roll, so enter as many times as you like before 6 p.m. Eastern time.

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Jennifer Kiko

Jennifer lives on a rural route with her husband, kids, horses, cows and faithful Labs, Cash and Carter. She's an aspiring foodie and enjoys making good food for great friends. She lives next door to a winery, plays the piano, and admits to growing too many tomatoes.

16 thoughts on “Words to win by”

  1. Look at the napkin on the table. How could anyone walk away from that plate without at least taking a nibble??

  2. The kind of meal that makes your mouth water and the conversation flow.

  3. There is nothing more refined,
    That sitting with your mind,
    indulging all your tastes,
    with a delicious white plate,
    of rare succulent meat,
    what a treat!

  4. He brought everything back, all the food for the feast. And he, he himself, the Grinch – carved the roast beast.

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