Talking to a seasoned professional

We recently introduced you to the partnership between the Certified Angus Beef ® brand and BKW® Seasonings, and its owner Matt Beeler. We wanted to pepper him with questions about what it takes to succeed in the spice biz. And after you read his thoughts, be sure to visit the BKW® Seasonings facebook page for a chance to win a steaks and seasonings prize package!

Q: What’s the most unusual food you’ve ever seasoned? Would you eat it again?
A: We did an event during Grill Week with a chef who wanted to prepare a dessert using one of our seasonings. We decided to incorporate the BKW® Fire blend with grilled peaches. It brought a wonderful salty-sweet heat to them. I’d definitely try it again.

Q: What’s the worst food you’ve ever seasoned?
A: I’ve always tried the seasonings on different foods to see if it enhanced their flavor, and I’ve yet to find anything that our Original blend hasn’t improved the taste of.

Q: Is there any food you wouldn’t season?
A: I used to believe I would never season ice cream. However, I had a customer tell me he used our Seafood Rub on vanilla ice cream, so I guess I’ll have to try it.

Q: Does it take a spicy personality to succeed in the seasoning business?
A: It does take a spicy personality to be in sales, which is a key factor in this business. But to succeed in launching a new brand, you need to have determination, patience, faith, and the will to achieve. And a little luck doesn’t hurt…

Q: Is there a prime seasoning season? Is there an off-season?
A: The use of seasoning picks up during the summer months, mainly because people think of specialty blends as only for grilling. However, all of our blends can be used in multiple types of cooking. You can use our Steak Rub on a steak, or in your favorite pasta sauce. Our Seafood Rub can go on shrimp, or to spice up your popcorn. The Original is great on chicken, or to inject your Thanksgiving turkey … all of our blends can be used all year long!

Q: Is the old adage true — is variety really the spice of life?
A: In my business, SPICE is the variety of life.