Andrew Zimmern

How bizarre

Andrew Zimmern

A celebrity in our Education & Culinary Center? You bet!
This week we welcomed Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods. Shown above (from his Instagram feed) Zimmern spent some time with Certified Angus Beef ® brand chefs and meat scientist Dr. Phil Bass.

It was a busy day with lots of beef talk, but before leaving, Zimmern put his ‘signature touch’ on things! Eager to see what the experience was about? Tune into the Travel Channel in early 2014 for an episode featuring Cleveland in the Bizarre Foods America series. Stay tuned … we’ll let you know when it’s set to air!

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  1. I have watched this one episode more than any other on Bizarre Foods. I tried my hand at wet aging a few months ago and I didn’t leave it long enough. It was good, but after trying a second time, you have to let it set for at least 40 to 45 days. I cooked the brisket in a bag in the oven so I could see the difference the wet aging made with out any smoke flavor and was blown away. I had a good size brisket and took some to my co-workers and they were shocked. One even asked when I was going to open my own place and start serving. It is really amazing the difference wet aging makes as far as how tender and intense the favor of the meat gets. I work for a University Police Department and we know food and the process of wet aging is one that is easy and has fantastic results.

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