Beef 101: Find your comfort zone

There are many degrees of doneness and we each have a preference.

“How do you want it cooked?”

It’s probably the most often asked question in restaurants across America. The waiter wants to know how you like your steak cooked, typically rare, medium or well-done. Sometimes they ask the same question for burgers. And if you’re the grill master in your own home you probably know each family member’s answer.

Steak cooked to medium

The degree of doneness affects the overall quality and tenderness of your steak, yes. But it’s also a personal preference and I’ll be honest: some preferences make me cringe. I have one relative who takes a blackened approach. She won’t consider eating beef with the slightest blush of pink. I’ve told her again and again pink does not equal under-cooked. I’ve lamented her well-done decisions in the name of ultimate flavor, tenderness, and all that is right and good in the world. At the end of the day, I’ll always prefer medium-rare to medium. She’ll always go for my grandfather’s old rule of thumb:

“Grill it to well-done and then cremate it a little more.”

Uggh. Cringe. Shiver.

Marbling to the rescue. You’ve seen the little white flecks of fat within lean beef. You may already know they melt during cooking to naturally baste beef from the inside. What you may not realize is that all steaks are not created equal.

Rule No. 1: Always, always, look for beef with lots of marbling. It’s an insurance policy for juicy, tender beef no matter the degree of doneness.

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand offers loads of marbling in every cut. It’s one of the reasons the brand is so consistently flavorful, tender and juicy. Those of us who enjoy a pink piece of beef know great taste when we sink our teeth into it. Folks who want a well-done experience will also have the luxury of tender, juicy beef — thanks to the marbling in premium cuts of beef. Marbling helps maintain a pleasant eating experience.

So what degree of doneness do you prefer?
Find your ideal and enjoy the Certified Angus Beef ® brand sizzle!


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  1. Good topic. The strongest point made here is that our brand, Certified Angus Beef, is the insurance policy for juicy, tender beef no matter what the degree of doneness is. Well done (no pun intended).

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