Beef 101: Spice It Up Before You Sizzle On

Add a spicy rub to your steaks for super flavor!

When it comes to cooking, I like to under promise and over deliver. I tell ’em it’s going to be good, then do my best to knock their socks off with a great meal. I like surprises. I like ‘window dressing’. I like that something extra that makes the people around me feel special.

A good piece of meat doesn’t need a lot of extra. Great steaks are already fabulous because they’re tender, juicy and obviously, delish! To enhance their flavor just salt and pepper. But … sometimes I want more. Sometimes I want ‘whiz bang’ when I already have ‘wow’.

Time to spice it up.

Spice rubs add zip or zing with a tiny combination of seasonings.

  • You want heat? Try a Three-Pepper Rub. It combines black, red and white pepper with onion powder.
  • Change the flavor entirely with Cumin and Coriander Rub. Combine both spices, apple cider vinegar and grape seed oil for a unique depth of flavor to flank steak.
  • Add flavorful flourish with Fennel Pepper Rub — fennel seed, oregano and paprika.

Or you could choose one of my favorites, Ranchero Rub.

Spices and seasoning rubs add extra kick to sizzling steaks.

The Ranchero Rub recipe is a rich blend of cocoa powder, Ancho chili powder, cumin and sea salt, and it’s amazing on ribeyes and strip steaks — or any beef cut, for that matter!

There’s nothing like a great steak, perfectly seasoned with salt, pepper and the loving flames of a grill. Amen. But there’s also nothing like a sensational steak seasoned with a punch of added flavor. Spice it up — you have permission! Go for ‘whiz bang’ grilling once in awhile. After all, great steaks should always take center stage. Add extra spice and you — and your steaks — will steal the show.

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