How to thaw ground beef in the microwave.

Beef 101: Thawing Ground Beef

How to thaw ground beef in the microwave.

If you look up skeptic in the dictionary you will likely find a picture of me. Right there with sparkling eyes saying, “Prove it — I dare you!” So when the headline How to Thaw Ground Beef in the Microwave in Minutes came across my screen, my immediate thought was, “No way, not possible.”

Research from The Beef Checkoff says that 62% of consumers freeze their ground beef. Does that describe your household? It sure does mine! As a busy mom who wants to feed her kids safe, wholesome food ground beef is an easy and cost effective go-to ingredient. Remembering to move it from freezer to refrigerator from the night before, however, just doesn’t happen.

Every time I try to thaw frozen uncooked ground beef in the microwave it starts to cook on the edges. The texture isn’t pleasing. If you’re like me, you typically toss your ground beef into the microwave — sometimes in a bag, sometimes on a plate — and keep hitting the :30 button until it is thawed enough to use. The trick to avoiding those partially cooked edges is the turning, massaging and resting steps. And truly this method only takes 4 minutes, everyone has the patience for that, right?

Follow these easy steps closely and you will have perfectly thawed ground beef. Click the image for detailed instructions.

How to thaw ground beef in the microwave.

Favorite ground beef trick:
Brown 10 pounds of ground beef at a time and freeze it in 1-lb. packages. This makes it easy on those busy nights to mix up homemade
sloppy Joes, lasagna or chili. No drive-through necessary! For even more ground beef recipes, visit

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