Beef 101: How to Trim the Fat


Fat. Let that word sink into your cranium for a minute. Think of all the feelings you associate with it — the good, the consequences and the benefits.

Fat isn’t evil. In fact, it’s quite necessary to our existence. In a sense, fat is sort of the Professor Snape (for all you Harry Potter fans!) of food. Nobody really wants to admit to liking it. It can be kind of drab. A bit messy. And NEVER a popular choice. But if you sit back and really examine your food, fat is the hero. It’s dynamite in the flavor department. It insulates against overcooking. And when done right, it ups the intensity of other foods on your plate at the same time.

In the coming months, I’ll be examining some alternate uses for this glorious and naturally-occurring component of our food – specifically beef fat, since, ya know, that’s what we do around these parts. But before we get too deep into this discussion, let’s start with something easy.

In order to cook with beef fat, you need to procure some of your own. Buy a big ol’ hunk of beef from your local retailer. Take it home and follow these fat-trimming procedures courtesy of meat scientist, Dr. Phil Bass. Store the fat in the fridge until ready to use.

How to trim a Certified Angus Beef ® New York strip loin

Begin with a full strip loin, fat-side up. This cut can be purchased from your local butcher or meat department.

How to trim fat from beef.

Step One: cut individual steaks – about 1 ¼ inch thick – starting at the “rib end” of the product.


Be sure to begin cutting steaks at the correct end of the strip. See below:


Step Two: Trim here …


… and here.


Step Three: be sure to cut all of this off.


Now, cook those steaks up to impress all your friends. Save the fat trimmings in an air-locked container in the refrigerator. Dr. Phil recommends freezing the fat in a vacuum pack or air-locked container until use. And soon, we’ll be showing you some uses for it!

Stay tuned.




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