Rare Roundup: weekly favorites [5.1.15]


We’re always on the lookout for tasty recipes and great cooking tips. This week, we’re preparing for a fiesta and finding ways to preserve our favorites. First up, Five Flavorful Favorites for Cinco de Mayo. The Fifth of May is a great excuse for a casual get-together. Who doesn’t love south of the border flavors — and maybe a margarita or two?

Preserve garlic from BarefeetIntheKitchen.com

Kitchen Tip: How to Preserve Garlic
Imagine garden-fresh garlic in your pantry all year long! Preserving — also called pickling garlic, is one of the most common methods to save your garlic harvest.

cindy-hutson-cookbook1From the Tip of My Tongue
Discover the stories and recipes from Chef Cindy Hutson’s Cuisine of the Sun in her new cookbook!


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