Midwestern Butter Burger

A Perfect Burger To Butter ’em Up

Midwestern Butter Burger

It’s a yoga pants, grande-sugar-free-with-soy world and we’re just living in it. But sometimes, it’s nice to let go and embrace a piece of Americana. First, let’s establish a few things we can all agree upon. Burgers = good. Butter = good. Butter burgers? Shut the front door.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, we’re talking about butter – the chief ingredient responsible for delectable pastries, rich fillings and most every dish that’s ever been crafted by the world’s greatest cake, pie and cookie bakers.

Butter burgers are a Midwestern classic. They nod to the region’s booming farming industry by linking the three tastiest things to ever come from agriculture – bread, butter and beef – all into a succulent, devilishly delighful sandwich. Better yet, for a novice in the kitchen, a simple butter burger is easy to prepare.

Start with quality Certified Angus Beef ® ground beef , hand-form or smash your patty and cook it up, then place on bun. Take a liberal amount of butter and drab on top of the raging patty, which will melt the butter into a creamy, rich, flavorful coating. And that’s it! But Chef Peter Rosenberg isn’t one to simply rest on tradition. He offers this method as a stuffed, kicked-up alternative.

Jalapeno Butter Burger

  • Form two thin patties as your base.
  • Whip together a couple of tablespoons butter, cream cheese, shredded cheese and jalapeno (you be the judge!)
  • Stuff mixture between patties, and grill or cook in a smokin’ hot skillet

Voila! Jalapeno-stuffed butter burgers. And because the cream cheese acts as a binder, the patty will retain that rich, buttery flavor inside. Give it a try, put your own spin on it and most importantly, enjoy!

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