Southwestern Top Sirloin Roast - made using the Roast Perfect app

Roast Perfect Review

Southwestern Top Sirloin Roast - made using the Roast Perfect app

Editor’s note: This review was written by Bobby Warren, a local journalist. Mr. Warren was one of the first to try our new Roast Perfect app, available on iTunes and Google Play. Roast Perfect makes roasting beef simple. Give it a try!

On a recent stop to my local grocer, I found a few kinds of Certified Angus Beef ® brand roasts available: chuck roasts, English blade roasts and London broil roasts. There was also a whole tenderloin, but I wanted to try something I had never roasted. I was armed with the beef brand’s new app, Roast Perfect, and I was up for adventure. My mission was simple:

Open the app, choose a roast, enter number of people I planned to feed, and select a recipe.

My choice was top sirloin. I’m a big fan of top sirloin. It’s my go-to steak for grilling. It’s very tender, has a nice taste and is economical. I love this cut for steaks, and I was more than eager to find out just how good of a roast it could be. It’s so tender that I would never think to roast it, but the Certified Angus Beef ® chefs did.

Roast Perfect app

I wanted a recipe that did not involve a brine or marinade, because I wanted to purchase and cook the roast the same day. When I selected the recipe, my attention was fixed more on the ingredients than the cooking process. I failed to read the roast should be covered with honey mustard and spices, then wrapped in plastic and marinated in the refrigerator for at least eight hours. I found out this fact at home. Oh, well. It did not dawn on me while shopping for ingredients that I would essentially be making a rub.

The recipe called for New Mexico chili powder. I had no clue what this was. I did a quick search online while shopping (thanks for the free Wi-Fi), and someone recommended substituting Ancho chile powder, which I did.


After the roast was finished and rested for 10 minutes, I started slicing it. I could not believe how tasty and tender it was! After using the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s Roast Perfect app, let me encourage you to give a roast a try. You’ll be glad you did!

To say I’m glad I chose the top sirloin — and I’m ecstatic to have chosen the Southwestern Crusted Top Sirloin Roast — would be an understatement. The roast turned out absolutely incredible.

Get the free Roast Perfect app now on iTunes and Google Play. Click here for more details about the app that will transform your holiday feasts!

P.S. Mr. Warren says this southwestern recipe is perfect for making dynamite tacos, too! In case you have leftovers, perhaps? Happy roasting season!



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