Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast

Prime Rib Roast

The contest has ended. There was such a great response we chose TWO winners and they are: Nathanael R. and Whitney S. Congrats, we will be contacting you! Happy holidays and best wishes to everyone. We so enjoyed reading your comments, and may share them on our channels throughout the season.

To enter for your chance to win a
Certified Angus Beef ® Rib Roast

  • Leave a comment below: Tell us your favorite holiday tradition! 
    Must be posted by 11:59 a.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, Dec. 9. One comment per person. Must be 18 years old to enter and a U.S. resident.
  • Comment picked at random to win the roast.
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Jennifer Kiko

Jennifer lives on a rural route with her husband, kids, horses, cows and faithful Labs, Cash and Carter. She's an aspiring foodie and enjoys making good food for great friends. She lives next door to a winery, plays the piano, and admits to growing too many tomatoes.

130 thoughts on “Prime Rib Roast”

  1. The holidays are all about family to me! I love the food, the laughs, but my favorite part is sharing the reading of the Christmas story with the ones I love most!

    1. My family is all about tradition, new and old.
      To pick a favorite is quite a challenge in itself.

      I think it would have to be surrounding myself with family and friends in Ohio. I love living in Ohio this time of year! It’s fun watching the kids praying for snow, smelling the crisp air, watching the fire in the fireplace.

      We went to Disney a few years ago and realized how special Ohio is for the holidays.

      Looking forward to another beautiful Christmas!

    1. I really would love to do a prime rib dinner this year. We always do ham. Looks delicious

  2. Christmas is all about family and good food. I would love to make this year extra special by doing a wonderful beef dish for my sons. This is my year to shake things up!

  3. We have gotten away from the traditional Christmas dinners now we usually grill rib eyes for they are so good

  4. A rib roast always brings back memories of my childhood outside of Boston. Our oven had a cooking timer so my parents would take my sister and I ice skating, my mother would put a roast in the oven and it would be close to being done when we came home. Upon entering the house, you would smell that delicious roast after having a fun time with my parents. The dinner was delicious but the best part was the laughter and conversation we shared together as a family.

  5. Our family tradition in Christmas is playing board games while the kids watch movies.

  6. My father was a truck driver and was gone quite a bit. Although he was away from home he never missed being home with us at Christmas.
    Mom would always have a delicious roast, mashed potatoes and gravy. We lived so far from our extended family but we could count on the five of us being together.
    We didn’t have much in those days but we did have our faith, our family and delicious food on our table. Blessings come from memories and the little things in life.

  7. The Christmas traditions have changed a bit over the past 9 years. What has become a central part of my Christmas having family and friends light a series of 4 candles in memory of my friend and wife of 34 yearsMarylynn. We do this to celebrate her and all that she continues to bring to us as we share memories and feel her influence. As we prepare the meal her gentle reflection warmly abides with us.

  8. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It is filled with thanks of the birth of Jesus our savior. We have a family tradition to wait until every single person is awake and then start with the stockings to see what Santa brought us. (I’m 40!) Santa always brings us scratchers! We have a standing rule between all of the siblings and grandchildren that if anyone wins more than $100, we divide it! It’s great anticipatory fun!

  9. We love starting our Christmas celebrations with Christmas Eve Mass. Having all my kids home is my favorite part of Christmas.

  10. Enjoying a prime rib dinner looking at a good set of angus cows and enjoying the wonderful timeif year

  11. Our family tradition has been to go to our church’s Christmas Eve service and come home to enjoy grilled steak and shrimp with sparkling grape juice and spending time together as a family. We have been doing this ever since our children were small, and we now have grandchildren that we enjoy this tradition with. I think it’s very important to have traditions as a family, it binds you all together.

  12. Watching the kids open presents and relaxing for the day. Being together as a family.

  13. My favorite holiday tradition is all of us (about 40+) going over to my mom’s for Christmas Eve dinner. It was her mom’s traditional dinner and she kept it going after she passed away 3 days before Christmas. Then we all gather around and watch the younger kids open gifts.

  14. Our Christmas tradition is always the same…it’s not Christmas for our family without a prime rib roast! It’s the one time of year that my family never will let me change up the menu. Beef…it what’s for Christmas dinner! And of course that means Certified Angus Beef!!

  15. My favorite traditions are scattered throughout the season, but my most favorite is–attending Christmas Eve Mass as a family, coming home to traditional Czech meal (prime rib roast for Christmas Dinner) and then gathering around the tree and having the kids open one present–a new ornament to hang on the tree. We watch or listen to Christmas movies and music and read the Night Before Christmas and the bible story before sending them off to bed. I love the excitement of it all and being together with loved ones.

  16. Having the family all home on Christmas day. Enjoying fellowship & seeing the black angus out the window.

  17. We used to always have the traditional ham, but one Christmas we decided to start grilling steak and having surf and turf (my dads favorite – his birthday was Christmas Eve), after he passed away we continued the beef tradition by having prime rib and shrimp ( shrimp was my moms favorite seafood item), this year they are both gone so my husband and I are planning on smoking a prime rib or steaks, you have to get your own traditions started….love the smoker.

  18. My favorite tradition is having big family dinners and enjoying the holiday cheer together.

  19. Being filled with hope as I prepare our Christmas dinner. Then being surrounded by loved ones feeling like I’m the kid , my present is about to be opened… There it is watching each loved one devour their meal looking completely content! I would be thrilled to have this roast! Merry Christmas

  20. Like the rest of the world we are a very busy family so the opportunity to some quiet family time together is the best present of all!

  21. Christmas Eve having everyone over for prime rib and twice baked potatoes. Christmas Day – Watching Christmas Vacation and drinking eggnog out of moose glasses.

  22. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve, having all the kids and grandkids over for a delicious prime rib dinner. Seeing the grandkids, from age 2 to 12 opening presents and all the craziness that ensues. We’ve made our kids promise that Christmas Eve will always be spent at Grandpa and Granny’s house!

  23. Start off with a church service Christmas eve with my family then go to my parents with the rest of my family have finger foods let the kids open gifts then get up the next morning let the kids open remaining gifts and then have a great dinner at home.

  24. My favorite holiday tradition is having my grown children come for the weekend. We cook together, we play games, and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

  25. My favorite part of the Holidays are spending time with family!!! Just being together, relaxing, having great food, and making memories is what the Holidays are all about to me!! The candle light and Christmas lights are just an extra bonus!!!

  26. My favorite holiday tradition is instead of my family having a big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve we have lots and lots of snacks!
    It just makes the evening so fun and casual.

  27. The tradition I most love is Christmas Day dinner. The main dish of a beautiful beef roast and Yorkshire pudding, all the trimmings, and the happy, satisfied smiles of those I love. It’s been years since I could afford Prime Rib, and I’d so love to present this, this year!!! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  28. I don’t have any traditions yet but this will be my first year to attempt a prime rib and I want that to be my yearly Christmas tradition quo time rib by me 🙂

  29. I don’t have any traditions yet but this will be my first year to attempt a prime rib and I want that to be my yearly Christmas tradition a prime rib by me 🙂

  30. My favorite tradition was waking up early to see what Santa brought and spending the day with my family. Now that I have kids of my own, I love waking up early and spending time with them and watching their excitement as they look to see what Santa brought. I think I still get just as excited as they do.

  31. We have a two year tradition of a prime rib roast on New Year’s Day for my family and friends. Slow cooked to perfection!!!!

  32. I would like to reminisce about Christmas past….
    Midnight mass on Christmas Eve with the manger scene, candles & the choir singing.
    Family gathering at my parents cozy cape cod home,more music, chatter, laughter and always a wonderful meal. I was always conveniently absent when it came time for after dinner clean up.
    Celebrating Christmas is so different now.
    Distance & time prevail against my family’s gatherings.
    Adjusting with a positive attitude.

  33. Fave holiday tradition is opening one present each on Christmas Eve. There is a lot of strategy involved in deciding which gift it should be, and lots of drama for the kids! Also, we carry on with my mother’s tradition of roast beef for Christmas dinner, along with Yorkshire Pudding (using the drippings, of COURSE!).

  34. I grew up in a Filipino household so every holiday may it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter we always have filipino dishes like lumpia and pancit as added sides and also include filipino desserts. Most of all you’ll always find steamed rice in the rice cooker at my family gatherings.

  35. We have a big Christmas Eve dinner! Everyone brings their specialty dish, and I do the meat, usually a large rib roast! It’s not unusual to have a ham too! We all eat, enjoy each other and the food! We go to midnight mass and ring in Christmas!
    We sleep a few hours and then open our gifts. Then we break out the leftovers and feast again! Yum Yum! Thanks!

  36. Our Christmas tradition starts with mass on Christmas Eve followed by a wonderful gathering of the family for an evening full of food, drinks and lots of fun. There is the annual family picture in front of the tree (eleven families!) followed by the highlight of the evening….the White Elephant gift exchange!

  37. Family, friends and food. It must be beef on the grill….from rib eyes to burgers. New Years Day is prime rib and football to welcome in the
    New Year!

  38. Spending Christmas day with my husband’s family watching holiday movies and wearing our new Christmas pj’s.

  39. My family is recently gone. The only tradition I have and live to keep is having prime rib for new years. Oh how we love beef.

  40. My favorite holiday tradition is the simple things . . . decorating the tree, the lights, the music.

  41. My BirthMas! Be crazy lazy daze with the haze of the super lemon haze! Get high for my birthday and eat Christmas Dinner with family, so my BirthMas!

  42. My favorite holiday tradition is spending an evening decorating the tree with my boys over hot cocoa and cookies.

  43. Nothing beats the wonderful aroma of a prime rib roasting in the oven, while enjoying a creamy glass of egg nog. After cleaning up all of the wrapping paper, and watching the children play with their new treasures…. I know the treasure of prime rib is soon to arrive on our table.

    Merry Christmas!!

  44. My favorite time of Christmas is Christmas Eve. When it’s just starting to get dark outside, lights are coming on. I have most things done and can relax and wait for the family to arrive. Our kids are grown, but we still all get together for holidays and presents for the grandchildren.

  45. My family is Italian so Christmas Eve is all about the seven fishes. BUT Christmas Day is all about the prime rib!

  46. I love spending time with my family and friends during the holidays!

  47. Eve is nice with sourdough waffles but Day is the best with a rib roast for all. Merry Christmas!

  48. My favorite holiday meal is meat tamales and slow cooker meat and gravy

  49. I work as a waitress , so the holidays are spent with those who are alone or with no family. It makes me feel good to make them smile! Then I go home to join my husbands family where they have a plate of prime rib waiting for me! Then we open gifts!

  50. We get together on Christmas with the family and each one of us helps out in the kitchen to prepare the prime rib, mash potato and gravy, and green bean casserole. Its in the kitchen where we gather to tell stories about the past and the jokes being told.

  51. Our family has many Christmas traditions that we love- church on Christmas Eve and cookies and ice cream cocoanut snowballs afterwards, Christmas morning brunch and singing Happy Birthday Jesus, Christmas Crackers and Seekie presents after dinner are just a few. We love traditions!

  52. Celebrating the birth of Jesus and sharing in the blessings we have been given, by giving to others.

  53. My favorite holiday tradition is having my whole family together around the piano singing Christmas songs. My aunt would play the piano and my dad would lead the songs. It was a great way to spend time together and celebrate the reason for Christmas.

  54. Please please pick me to win the prime rib for Christmas Dinner!! We love us some prime rib with horseradish.. my all time favorite tradition for Christmas is watching the kiddos open up all there gifts and seeing the delight in their faces!!

  55. My husband & I were just talking about wishing we had the money for prim rib for Christmas dinner!!! I have Never had one for Christmas. Always ham or turkey.

  56. My favorite holiday tradition is volunteering with my family on Christmas morning to make a meal for a local homeless shelter.

  57. In our family, nothing says Christmas dinner like a roast prime rib and classic Yorkshire pudding. It’s been our tradition for as long as I can remember.

  58. We always let the kids open 1 present Christmas Eve. It’s always new PJs a book and movie. Of course dinner is always fabulous with either a prime rib or German food to celebrate my Moms heritage.

  59. Our favorite family tradition is to pick up fresh tamales from a food truck and unwrap gifts on Christmas Eve!

  60. I love being able to enjoy all of my family. The past few Christmases i havent been able to see any of my family do to deployment. First time in 3 years i will have an actual Christmas.

    1. Thank you for your service. I know all your Mom’s Christmas wishes will come true when you get home. I have two sons who are deployed and there will be an empty place for them at the table. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  61. My favorite tradition is to sit around after dinner and play cards with my family

  62. My favorite tradition is making cookies with the youngest family members and passing long standing family recipes on to the next generation so they can pass them on as well.Happy Holidays!

  63. I love being around family this time of year and remembering the true reason for the season!

  64. Prime rib on Christmas Eve has been a family tradition since before I was born. Can’t have Christmas any other way!

  65. My favorite holiday tradition is spending time with my family watching my kids open presents and talking with my family we love the holiday season

  66. My favorite tradition for the holidays is spending time with family. We have a enormous family so we don’t get to see each other thru the so much but the holidays let us get together catch up hang out and see what’s new. And where you have family you always have food!!! It’s fun to see what everyone brings. We are sweedish so we get some traditional foods and the normal mummy holiday foods!!! It’s great!!!

  67. My family and I love prime rib cooked on the rotisserie on the BBQ. Everyone likes a different level of doneness, so it is the perfect meat for us! The smell of the roasting meat coming through the windows is so amazing! Beef, it’s what’s for dinner!

  68. Home to my parents on Christmas Eve day and then to my girlfriend’s house for Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning before we open presents we enjoy a big bowl of fruit along with Troyer’s cinnamon rolls. Then its off to friends’ house where we have been going for the past few years to enjoy a delicious prime rib dinner. Christmas is meant to be spent with family and friends and to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

  69. My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas Eve. We spend it with my mom who is 92 years old, we have had this tradition for about 30 years now and feel so blessed to still have her with us.

  70. We have Chinese food. It started from a “Christmas Story” type of incident.

  71. I buy at least 2 coats for kids in need. As kids, my mom had to get us coats through an organization like coats-4-kids and i will never forget the sense of security a new coat gave me.
    it didn’t make me feel special, it made me feel normal. I love knowing im helping kids feel that too.

    The roast, i’d love to host a big dinner to share with family and friends.

  72. My family’s Christmas tradition is to all be together and enjoy the laughs and all the good food!

  73. Watching Christmas movies, making cookies, visiting with family, and watching the spirit of Christmas thru children’s eyes are just a few of my favorite things about the holiday season.

  74. I love everything about Christmas! My boys are 3 and 2 and we try to get into the Holiday spirit as much as possible. The most important part of Christmas is spending time family and loved ones.

  75. I greatly enjoy singing in our Christmas Cantata at Wake Chapel Christian Church in Fuquay-Varina. The public is welcome to join us for this Saturday night’s performance at 7:00 PM or this Sunday morning at 10:30 in our church sanctuary. Singing about our Savior Jesus Christ and celebrating his birth is what Christmas is all about! I also love fueling up to sing with the great beef that Hook and Cleaver sells!

  76. My favorite part of the holidays is having our family together. This year will be extra special because our Son will be home from college for a week! It’s been month’s since we’ve seen him! I can’t wait!

  77. Sitting around the table with four generations, from 90 year old great grandmothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins, digging into perfectly roasted medium rare roast beef with delicious home made gravy and side dishes and appetizers. This is family, all 40 of us, stuffed in one house, celebrating Christmas! It is an amazing feeling.

  78. My favorite things are the family traditions from making cookies, getting the kids pajamas and a special ornament every year to the special Christmas Eve dinner we have every year.

  79. I’d love to have my first prime rib for my amazing family. I’m on a limited budget due to my broken back and can’t afford a dinner like this. However we’d love to have a wonderful dinner. Merry Christmas and thank-you

  80. My famil and i would love to have your amazing prime rib for our dinner. Im on a limited budget and cant afford one so weve never had one. Thankyou so much Merry Christmas and thank-you

  81. every year my family of 7 starts a wonderful prime rib for Christmass dinner & this year i am hoping to do the same with a change up of smoking aur prime rib on a very slow smoke early in the morning…this is great because $$$ is tight this year & there is nothing cheap about good meat

  82. I want to try and cook a prime rib roast on my traeger pellet grill with alder and hickory wood. Salt and pepper on the outside with garlic cloves injected.

  83. Family, family, family…….Traditions include trying to get to everyone’s house on Christmas Day.

  84. Our family tradition is baking and decorating Christmas cookies with our children (7 of them) for Santa on Christmas eve. Then we watch a Christmas movie and have cookies and hot chocolate..
    After the little ones go to bed my husband and I prepare some of the dishes for Christmas days meal.. We usually have Turkey but would love to try prime rib.. 🙂
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  85. Eating decadent food and drinking good wine while in our pjs is one of my favorite holiday traditions. 🙂

  86. Christmas is my favorite holiday. It just seems to be the good out of people. It warms my heart to see so much giving. The joy I bring by giving is my favorite part of christmas.

  87. I love everything about Christmas, especially family and the real reason for the season. And our traditional Christmas brunch would not be complete without the roast beef.

  88. My favorite part is the family getting together and being to full of yummy food to fight! Lol

  89. Our favorite family tradition is to cook a nice prime grade angus rib roast with indirect heat and the rotisserie kit on our weber with lump hardwood and coal.

  90. I love prime rib and would love to try yours.
    No money for christmas this year. Lot of hurt and losses in our family this kids our just now in college and are true troopers. Theve realized big dinners and gifts are not what some families can afford we havent celebrated in four years. So if we win your dinner it will be a blessing to our family to come together for christmas dinner but if not we will still have each other.
    Wishing ourselves luck.
    Thanks for giving a chance
    Merry christmas to your family from ours
    Shelly,Bobby,Desiree, and Destiny..oh and Karma Kitty

  91. Christmas eve we let the kids open one present. This present consists of a pair of pj’s, popcorn, hot cocoa, and a movie. My children love this every year. Happy holidays!!

  92. I would love to cook one for my 6 kiddos! They have never had it before. Kind of out of our price range. 🙂 Merry Christmas!! And bless those who receive such a wonderful gift.

  93. So much has changed in my life in the last 2 years. This is the year to start new traditions. But this year is also very different. My children, Boyfriend and I will be with my Dad. He is on hospice care. We are caring for him so his wife can take a respite, from caring for him. Thanks for the opportunity. Merry Christmas

  94. We every year during Christmas break. Get all the kids, even the grown ones 🙂 and make yearly ornaments as well as gingerbread houses. Absolutely enjoy family get togethers.

  95. I always have trouble with what to have for Christmas dinner. A ham, turkey, lazagna, or a roast. With the holidays being for family and friends I like something not so tired of. I always see Peggy Courtwright have a delicious angus beef for Sunday dinners. I would like to do something different! A prime rib roast looks very delicious. Sure would love to be picked, thanks!

  96. 2015 has been especially hard for me I lost my brother and my mom. It has always been a wonderful tradition at Christmas time for her to make Christmas cookie boxes. But when it comes to dinner for Christmas Day she always made sure we had a prime rib roast along with all the extras I particularly like her green stuff similar to pistachio. Christmas won’t quite be the same but me and my girls will try and carry the same mealtime tradition. Thanks

  97. I would love to cook a nice rib roast for my family. We have not had a rib roast in years. I have only cooked one once before and ended up over cooking it. Lol but hey maybe if I win I can cook it to a perfect medium rare, BEEF it’s what’s for dinner. Yum!

  98. My favorite tradition is putting up the tree while listening to Christmas music and having hot chocolate. Great family time!

  99. My favorite holiday tradition is gathering together as a family and simply forgetting about everything else in the world. Unmatchable experience!

  100. Prime Rib on Christmas Eve has become one of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions, and one of the best parts is leftovers on after Christmas is over! Yum

  101. My favorite Christmas tradition is gathering around the table with my children and grandchildren. We always leave an empty place to honor my sons serving in the military.

  102. A prime rib crusted in cracked pepper and Yorkshire pudding. A LOT of sweets-cookies, pies, fudge! Games of Yahtzee, Rummy, Dominoes, and Sorry. Family, food, fun!

  103. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I get to see all my family especially my twin brother who lives 8 hrs away!! We play cards games and board games we eat prime rib and lasagna and anything and everything in between. There’s lots of laughter and giggles and smiles. Then two days later we eat yet again with my in-laws and play more games and be silly yet again!! We celebrate Christmas’s birth and what Christmas is really about!! 🙂

  104. I enjoy the kids helping me in the barn early in the morning, with sleep in their eyes & smiles on their faces to help me finish up chores. They know it gets me inside a little sooner.

  105. We always enjoy a good prime rib when company comes…. Our favourite family tradition is playing games and being all together

  106. The sparkle and excitement in a child’s eyes, gathering together with friends & family and the warmth of getting in the kitchen to prepare all the goodies! Giving more to those less fortunate and the feeling of camaraderie with others in the spirit of joy and peace. Ahhhh, yes, the simple things in life that make it truly beautiful!

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