Mock Tender

So How Tender Is Mock Tender?

Ever hear of the mock tender? Our meatheads would suggest it got its name because it looks like the tenderloin, but unless you’re willing to go the extra mile with it, this cut is anything but tender.

Mock Tender

Chefs Matt Mytro and David Chin from Cleveland’s much-lauded Flour restaurant spent a day with our meat scientists in the Certified Angus Beef ® Culinary Center, and decided to take this cut on as a challenge.


To truly get the most out of this, Mytro knew it was destined for the sous-vide bath. After 36 hours the mock tenders came out super tender and versatile. While initially intended for roast beef sliders, these now-tender morsels found their way into one of the restaurant’s new Italian ramen dishes.

Learn more about the mock tender here.


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