The Humble Hamburger Still Sizzles With Sensational Flavor

Given our relatively short tenure as a proper country, the list of inventions that are distinctly American is quite astonishing. But while direct current, the telephone and the light bulb are all grand, most everyone should agree on what truly constitutes America’s greatest contribution to the world. I’m speaking, of course, about the burger.


In society, the burger unites people. Everyone — from the obscenely wealthy to those with next to nothing — enjoy a good burger.

As with donuts, bacon and game shows hosted by Chuck Woolery, there is no such thing as a bad burger — only varying degrees of good.

And while there are millions of specific recipes out there aimed at helping you create the perfect burger, all anyone truly needs is some ground beef, some bread, and a little creativity.

That said, we’ve taken strides to bring some of our favorite burgers from top chefs around the country to you — both to inspire you in your own kitchens, and to serve as sort of a burger bucket list when you travel.

Mike Midgley
Prime Rib Dip Burger – Certified Angus Beef ® patty, barrel-smoked prime rib, caramelized onion, horseradish cream, American cheese. – Chef Mike Midgley, Midgley’s Public House, Stockton, Calif.
Matt Mytro, Flour
Ohio Beef Burger – Certified Angus Beef ® patty with cheddar, house-cured pancetta, horseradish, pickles, bibb lettuce, tomato, onion and roasted red pepper aioli. – Chef Matt Mytro, Flour, Cleveland
John Doherty, Black Barn, NYC
Black Barn Burger – Certified Angus Beef ® patty, jalapeño, pork belly, Pawlet cheese, BBQ sauce, egg. – Chef John Doherty, Black Barn, New York City
Sean Brasel, Meat Market, Miami
Wild mushroom burger – Certified Angus Beef ® brand prime chuck patty with wild mushroom, topped with truffle Boursin cheese, grilled onions and Meat Market sauce. – Chef Sean Brasel, Meat Market, Miami
Matt Gebhard, Gebhard's Beer Culture, NYC
Trio of mini burgers (Left to right) Breakfast Burger – Certified Angus Beef ® patty with egg, bacon and cheese; Mediterranean Burger – Certified Angus Beef ® patty with red onion, banana peppers, feta cheese; Southern Burger – Certified Angus Beef ® patty with pulled pork, slaw, mustard BBQ sauce. — Chef Matt Gebhard, Gebhard’s Beer Culture, New York City

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