Perfecting the Butcher's Wrap

Beef 101: Perfecting the Butcher’s Wrap

Your method for freezing meat may vary, but there is one secret to success that everyone should keep in mind — create an airtight seal. Air is the kryptonite of freezer burn — it causes evaporation which dries out meat, resulting in a cut that is tough and dry.

To get the best seal, a home vacuum sealer is without a doubt your best option. According to Dr. Phil Bass, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s resident meat scientist, a properly vacuum-sealed packaged will last six to 12 months in the freezer. “It all depends what your budget and plans allow,” he says. Butcher paper — or even freezer safe zipper locking bags — are still great options for freezing beef. They’re cost effective and will give you a solid three to six months in the freezer. When wrapping beef in butcher paper, it’s important to get as much of an airtight seal as possible. 

The goal is to have several layers of
paper covering all sides of the steak.

Dr. Phil’s secret? A butcher technique known as the burrito wrap. Be sure to use real butcher paper with a waxy coating. It will “seal” nicely to the meat to prevent freezer burn and hold moisture in the package. 

How to Wrap Meat Like A Butcher!

According to Dr. Phil, you can also achieve a fairly airtight package with zipper locking bags. The trick is to seal the zipper most of the way, until only an inch or so remains. Then roll the steak towards the zipper essentially pushing the air out and quickly seal the remainder of the opening.

Properly seal cuts of beef in a zipper locking bag for freezing. 11

When it’s time to thaw frozen beef for dinner, follow a few tried and true steps. This video shows you how:

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