Cindy Hutson’s surf, turf and trends

Cindy Hutson has been known for a lot of things during her more than two decades as one of the most influential chefs in Florida. Her penchant for utilizing tropical flavors and seasonings in an innovative style has made her a household name, with visitors flocking to her Ortanique on the Mile in Coral Gables, …   Continue Reading

Now that’s trendy

We called it “Restaurant Week in Wooster” though it was an unofficial reference with little meaning beyond our kitchen door. We invited a group of folks to visit us in Ohio — a cross-section of individual restaurateurs, corporate chefs and academia. We wanted to pick their brains and teach ’em a thing or two about …   Continue Reading

South Florida flavor

If Cindy Hutson was a musician, she would be the one who spent years playing gigs in small bars and pool halls, honing her craft before she hit the big time. She wouldn’t be the one-hit wonder who struck it big on some reality television show type. You may have seen Hutson on TV or …   Continue Reading

Cayman Cookout

While we’re in Wooster settling in for what looks to be the first real snowstorm of winter — odd for Ohio — Chef Scott is enjoying the sand and sun of the Caribbean. He join the likes of chefs Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain and others, for a weekend of food, wine and the natural beauty of …   Continue Reading