Garlic Chili Rub

Steak rubs are dry and marinades are wet, but both impart flavor to the beef. This recipe for Garlic Chili Rub could also be called a marinade because it's wet, almost like a paste. It will enhance the flavor of your favorite steak cuts. Enjoy!  Continue Reading

Chef Peter’s Garlic Chili Rub

These tender, juicy cuts of beef had been rubbed with a mixture of garlic, chili powder and brown sugar — yum! Always seeking flavorful secrets from these fine culinary folks, I asked the chefs to share the recipe. Here it is ... Chef Peter's Garlic & Chili Rub.   Continue Reading

Flank steak two-step

When it comes to enjoying a great steak, I’m an avid member of the strip club. However, my favorite cut of beef has long been flank steak — I salivate over its unique texture and bold, beautiful beefiness! I ascribe to enhancing the flavor and tenderness of the flank with a marinade, and over the …   Continue Reading

Secrets to great steaks {part 2}

Imagine the sizzling aroma of beef meeting flame when you toss a T-bone on the grill. Rich beef flavor, a satisfying bite and mouthwatering juiciness are the reasons classic steaks like ribeye, strip and filet mignon are so popular. In addition to familiar favorites, though, consider a few new favorites that are not only delicious, …   Continue Reading

Labor of Love

Beer-marinated Flank Steak … makes for a luscious Labor Day picnic recipe. Trust me. You will not be disappointed. Flank steak is a lean, extremely flavorful cut of beef. It’s often used for fajitas, but it can easily become the star of the show if you marinate, then grill. Flank steak should be sliced thin against the …   Continue Reading