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Day in the life of an Ohio meat cutter

Our Day in the Life series continues as we check in at early o’clock to follow a meat cutter through his routine. It’s just after 3 a.m. when Pat DiBiasio’s alarm clock lets out its morning tirade to an unwelcoming audience of two. After this many years, his wife has grown so used to the …   Continue Reading
Chef Michael Ollier - Certified Angus Beef

Small town, big flavors

Wooster, Ohio isn’t a ‘bright lights, big city’ sort of place, but it offers an abundance of hometown hospitality that welcomes visitors and locals with a charming Main Street and downtown area, fantastic public library and unique shopping opportunities. There’s a thriving arts scene including The Ohio Light Opera, and a burgeoning culinary community with specialty …   Continue Reading

Celebrate Mom with tradition and favorite recipes

Every mom seems to have that one special recipe saved for big occasions and holidays. For my mom, monkey bread — fondly referred to as ‘sticky buns’ in our family, is her go-to recipe. Warm, soft, gooey and delicious — they go great with over-easy eggs and freshly-brewed coffee for a downright sinful celebratory brunch. …   Continue Reading
A Day in the Life - Certified Angus Beef LLC

A Day In the Life of a Rancher, part 2

Yesterday, Debbie Lyons-Blythe was sharing a day on the ranch, as part of our “Day in the Life” series. Today we pick back up, just as the cattle are about to “head out on the highway” … After they walk through the brome and alfalfa field, they will walk a quarter of a mile on …   Continue Reading
cattle on roadway

A Day In the Life of A Rancher part 1

It takes a heap of work, coordination and planning to get a tasty steak from pasture to plate. In honor of National Beef Month, we decided to check in with the people who devote their life’s work to providing, cooking and delivering the Certified Angus Beef ® brand to your table. Come along with us and experience a “Day in the Life” of these fine folks.  Continue Reading

Fits to a T

Can your philosophy, your point of view, your priorities, be summed up on a T-shirt? It’s safe to say that a certain type of foodie is wearing their heart on their sleeve … or their message on their chest. Chef Michael Ollier and I recently traveled to San Francisco for a culinary conference. It was …   Continue Reading
Beef tortilla

Five Flavorful Favorites for Cinco de Mayo

Looking for a good excuse for a fiesta? Cinco de Mayo (or the Fifth of May, for us gringas/gringos) is a great excuse for a casual get-together. After all, who doesn’t love south of the border flavors … and maybe a margarita or two? Some food for thought, as you plan your party: Sirloin Burritos, …   Continue Reading
tri-tip flat bread pizza

Getting a little fresh in the kitchen

Cooking with fresh herbs is the culinary equivalent of rolling your car window down on the first warm spring day. You just want to breathe deep and take it all in — the fresh aroma, the bright colors, the feeling that the world is somehow just a little more alive. That’s what fresh herbs — …   Continue Reading

Earth day, every day

Blue skies, fresh water, wide open spaces and grassy pastures. It’s a scene straight off the ranch — a sustainable system that requires diligent caretakers. We call those folks everyday environmentalists. There’s a Native American proverb that states, We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. This truth is …   Continue Reading
Roast Beef on Salad

Lighten Your Lunch

Pairing a fresh salad with protein-packed and flavorful Certified Angus Beef ® roast beef is a quick, delicious way to try something delicious — and wholesome — at lunchtime. Hearty enough to satisfy the biggest appetites, but light enough to please your health-conscious side, it’s a balanced choice that’s easy to put together. Think deli …   Continue Reading

Meeting of the minds

Perhaps it wasn’t your typical “girls’ night out” celebration, but it was an entertaining few days, nevertheless. Board members from the American Angus Auxiliary convened in Wooster this weekend for meetings, education and beefy conversations. The American Angus Auxiliary supports the endeavors of the American Angus Association and members across the country. The Auxiliary awards …   Continue Reading
Grilled cheese & steak sandwich

Say cheese

I can’t tell you who ‘invented’ National Grilled Cheese Day, but I love that person immensely. A holiday for an all-American favorite? Amen. Don’t get me wrong — steaks are spectacular, burgers are divine and soups are satisfying, but is there anything better than a grilled cheese sandwich? Why yes. Yes, there is. A grilled …   Continue Reading

Lessons in flavor

April is national garlic month. This celebrated bulb is recognized for its distinct flavor, making it a mainstay in restaurant kitchens, and as it turns out, garlic offers a great lesson in flavor. My daughter and I had a free Saturday — rare during basketball season! — to plan a special meal. As she made …   Continue Reading
Tapas-style dishes

Just one (more) bite

Foodies know it all too well: that sinking, yet excited, feeling when you open a menu and find an array of tantalizing choices — knowing you can only reasonably choose so many. That’s the appeal of Tapas-style dishes. Not only can restaurant patrons choose among numerous smaller plates and servings to try a wider variety …   Continue Reading
Corned Beef on St. Patrick's Day

Corned beef, No Blarney!

Whether you’re Irish or just Irish-at-heart, chances are good you’ll be enjoying corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day. Though it’s most often enjoyed with cabbage, carrots and potatoes, why not go beyond the traditional this year? Mix it up with these recipes for a little extra Irish spring in your step! Click for a Corned …   Continue Reading
Burger Bash GoRare.com

More than meats the eye

If you’re a carnivore like me — and if you’re reading this blog, I have to assume you are! — you know meat can be incredibly delicious. (“Well, duh,” you’re surely thinking right about now.) And it doesn’t have to be fancy to be great — take burgers, for example. I bet there are few …   Continue Reading
Chimichurri Marinated Churrasco

Wanna rock and roll all night

When the Certified Angus Beef ® brand heads to Cleveland with 160 or so friends, it’s bound to be a tasty adventure. Events like these are always much more than … It was a very special evening … we celebrated our Specialists. The 2013 Specialist Seminar, Feb. 27-March 1 in Cleveland, is the place to be for …   Continue Reading
Chef Rory Schepisi's dish - photo by Jennifer Kiko

Great flavor, by land and by sea

Surf and Turf. You might think this dish’s glory days are past, but the idea is solid: a robust steak, paired with succulent lobster — twice the protein, twice the flavor, and twice the bounty of the land and the sea. It evokes abundance, celebration and even indulgence.  Continue Reading
Certified Angus Beef ® brand Strip Steak

Behold the trend-setting strip steak

One strip. Two strip. Dry strip. Rare strip. Wet strip. Grilled strip. Split strip. Bare strip. This one is a little nutty. This tender one is smooth as putty. This one’s raw and finely chopped. This one wee steak she’ll like a lot. Pan fry it in your neighbor’s house. Plate it next to boiled grouse. …   Continue Reading
Prime Porterhouse with Asparagus

Dinner for your dearest

After years of research, I have determined the ideal Valentine's Day offering is not a box of chocolates, nor a perfectly composed poem — or even a new power tool. My beloved would be over the moon if, instead of platitudes, I served him a sizzling hunk o' boeuf.  Continue Reading
Flank Steak Fajitas

Snacks, apps & steaks for a SUPER game

I could make that mighty fine sandwich … I’ll need great buns, of course … and olive oil for sauteing slices of onion and pepper, maybe minced garlic, too. When the veggies are tender I’ll drop slices of roast beef into the skillet and season with salt, pepper and spicy heat. Toast the bun and …   Continue Reading
Sloppy Joe on Pretzel Bun

Kid-friendly weekend recipe

If you have children you know it’s often a challenge to put food on the table that they will actually eat. Sloppy Joe sandwiches are always a winner in our house. This recipe — served on a soft pretzel bun — is not only tasty but a fun way to involve your kids in the …   Continue Reading
Chili recipe from Livestock Post

And the Chili Cook-off winner is …

There’s something about chili on a cold winter’s day that warms the soul and fills the belly with pure, unadulterated … heat. Some like it hot, other prefer mild and most of us will eat it either way — especially if it’s been bubbling away in a slow cooker for hours. We hosted a Chili …   Continue Reading
Top Sirloin Steak with Balsamic Reduction

Keep calm and eat beef

Keep calm and write a blog … says the sign on my desk. Now that the frenetic — but always energizing — activities of the holidays are officially over, I am set to write about what is on my horizon in 2013. My doctor told me yesterday that my BMI makes me borderline obese. I …   Continue Reading
Chef Govind Armstrong's beef bacon

Finding perfection in beef bacon

A few months back, I received a note from a friend who spends his weekends dabbling in the kitchen when he’s not up to his ears with seminary work. He experiments — not just with beef, but with an assortment of meats, grains, vegetables, fruits and other caveman cuisine found at our local Buehler’s Fresh …   Continue Reading
Certified Angus Beef brand rib roast

Beef for days of diamonds or stones

  Some days are diamonds … … and some days are stones. Sometimes you feel like a fanciful meal with all the trimmings, and sometimes it’s just as nice to enjoy comfort food curled up on the couch. Whether you prefer linen napkins or paper towels, there’s a place to turn when it’s time to …   Continue Reading
Beef Sliders

Behold the mini burger

A little cranberry tart and tang on a beefy mini burger — also known as a slider — makes a great appetizer for holiday gatherings. And this slider is much heartier than the typical bite-sized delight. It’s sure to satisfy your hungriest guest. Chef Scott Popovic‘s holiday sliders will have your friends and family declaring this …   Continue Reading
Garlic & Rosemary Strip Roast

Creating traditions with Chef Michael Ollier

Editor’s note: this post submitted by Chef Michael Ollier We all have ideas of what Christmastime should be. Some of you probably spend the season baking and shopping for presents. Others may decorate with strands of colorful lights, attend church services, or deliver goodies to friends and neighbors. My wife, Anne Marie, was a professional …   Continue Reading
Hit the books - a holiday book list

Steaks medium rare and books well done

Though I never fancy myself as much of a writer, I do consider myself an avid reader. In the past few months, I have been making a concerted effort to read food-related tomes, and have been deliciously pleased with the ones I’ve devoured, below. They may make good gifts for the foodie folks on your …   Continue Reading

Sweeten your holidays

Anthony Vidal, Hash House A Go Go corporate chef, is famous for flavorful food like his over-the-top mashed potato burger. His seasonal ideas are mighty tasty, too. Chef Anthony recently told us how his family adds a touch of sweetness to holiday celebrations. It’s a story that involves cranberries, brown sugar and a griddle … yum! Chef Anthony …   Continue Reading
With a grateful heart place mat

Thank Full

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We wish you a day of fabulous food, bountiful laughter and the blessing of family and friends! And we found this fun place mat printable here, just in case you need a cute idea to spruce up your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!  Continue Reading
beef rib roast

A Thanksgiving Two-Step

Let’s talk turkey beef for Thanksgiving. We all know the classic holiday table includes a fowl centerpiece that has been lovingly roasted for hours and hours by Grandma, or perhaps you. Uncle [insert name here] has perfected the art of bird carving. Aunts arrive with steaming pans of stuffing, green bean casserole, baked corn and sweet …   Continue Reading
Ground beef and biscuit spiders

Spooky Spiders and Ground Beef Biscuits

Spooky Spiders Ground Beef Biscuits Ingredients 1/2 pound Certified Angus Beef ® ground beef 1/2 package taco seasoning 1/2 cup water 1 16-ounce tube home-style refrigerated biscuit dough Ketchup 1/2 cup Shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese 16 sliced black or green olives 32 pretzel sticks Instructions 1. Cook ground beef and drain excess fat. Add taco …   Continue Reading
stuffed acorn squash

Short rib-stuffed acorn squash

Last year about this time we were testing recipes and enjoying some very tasty treats. One of our new recipes  featured acorn squash stuffed with short ribs, vegetables and rice. Oh, and the recipe turned out to be amazingly delicious. So good, in fact, that we thought we’d share it again this autumn … it’s …   Continue Reading
mushroom pizza

Magical Mushrooms

It’s National Mushroom Day and while I love a good pie topped with — among other delights, mushrooms — these tasty fungi possess much more than pizza-topping properties. They’re good in almost every dish, especially those with tender, juicy beef! Whether you saute them in bourbon and butter to top your steak, add them to …   Continue Reading
Beer marinated flank steak

Labor of Love

Beer-marinated Flank Steak … makes for a luscious Labor Day picnic recipe. Trust me. You will not be disappointed. Flank steak is a lean, extremely flavorful cut of beef. It’s often used for fajitas, but it can easily become the star of the show if you marinate, then grill. Flank steak should be sliced thin against the …   Continue Reading